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Naruto 670: Naturo Finally Awakened (Released)

Naruto 670 is just around the corner and we are very excited to see the next chapter. The last chapter was fantastic! Gai beating Madara with his Hachimon Tonkou no Jin, Madara was clearly challenged. But it seems that Madara is just warming up, and instead of getting scared, Madara is now pumped up to fight. Unfortunately, Gai seems to have passed half of the time he can use Hachimon Tonkou no Jin, and it has already taken a toll in his life. But Naruto has finally awakened! Can Naruto arrive in time to save Gai? Let’s find out in Naruto chapter 670.


UPDATE: Naruto 670 was recently released. Naruto chapter 670 is entitled “The beginning…” I guess Naruto isn’t fully wake up yet, but he is on his way to recovery. Naruto met Hagoromo (The Sage of Six Paths) in his subconscious mind. He revealed to Naruto how it began everything. Well, some of the stories mentioned were true, but Hagoromo’s story is even more revealing. Anyway, Hagoromo wasn’t able to finish his story telling yet, but he was in a hurry to entrust something to Naruto. After all, according to him, he is his Son’s (Ashura) reincarnation. This is really exciting and I’m sure discussion threads are starting to fill up right now.

naruto 670Image Credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist IITheYahikoDarkII

Naruto 670 Predictions

I had to admit, Kishi didn’t disappoint us with the previous chapter. The battle between Gai and Madara was superb! Gai is giving everything he’s got and Madara seems to be affected with Gai’s attack. The Hachimon Tonkou no Jin that Gai is using is indeed a powerful technique. It made him more powerful than the five Kages themselves.

But at the end of the previous chapter, despite the heavy attacks that Gai managed to land on his formidable opponent, Madara is now enjoying the battle. Gai reminds him of his fight with Hashirama. For Madara, he is just starting to enjoy the battle, and the true battle has just begun. This is a not a good situation for Gai. The 8th Gates technique he’s using is very limited, and it’s already taking a toll on his body. I’m not sure how much longer can Gai keep up fighting Madara. Even if the others would help him, Gai’s fate is already sealed.

Like I said before it is not Gai’s destiny to defeat Madara. Now, Naruto has awakened and this only means that Obito has successfully transferred the Chakras to Naruto. I wonder what new powers will full Kurama give to Naruto? I am also hoping to see Naruto obtaining Rikudo’s power. This is also one way they could defeat Madara.

I am also expecting that Sasuke would join the fight against Madara. Naruto and Sasuke fighting the ultimate enemy, Madara, that’s really exciting and a must see chapter.

Well, I don’t have many predictions this time since the story seems to be going on the straight path without any twist, so far. But definitely Naruto 670 is a chapter you wouldn’t want to miss. Hopefully it’s not a chapter full of flashbacks, or worst fillers.

Naruto 670 Spoilers, Anyone?

Don’t expect to see any real Naruto 670 spoilers either. I haven’t seen a real Naruto spoiler lately, and I don’t think they do that anymore. Naruto 670 spoilers might be leaked the day before the chapter is released. Anyway, let’s just wait for the Naruto chapter 670 to be released by Tuesday/Wednesday, fourth week of March.



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