Naruto chapter 568 Release Date – No Naruto ‘Till next year?

“You might be probably wondering why until now Naruto Chapter 568 is still not available? Well I have check other Naruto forums and fan sites and found out that Naruto Chapter 568 release date will most probably be delayed. If not by next week, perhaps Naruto 568 will resume on January 2012.


UPDATE: Maruto Manga 568 is now available! You can read Naruto chapter 568 here.

Below is a schedule of Weekly Shonen Jump:

December 19th 2011: Weekly Shonen Jump #03-04 (Raw around Dec 14th 2011) (Naruto Chapter 567)

December 26th 2011: No Weekly Shonen Jump (Christmas break?)

January 4th 2012: Weekly Shonen Jump #05-06 (Raw around Dec 24th 2011) (Naruto Chapter 568)

January 9th 2012: No Weekly Shonen Jump

January 16th 2012: Weekly Shonen Jump #08 (Raw around Jan 11th 2012) (Naruto Chapter 569)

According to the schedule above, Naruto Chapter 568 will most probably be released after Christmas and Naruto Chapter 569 will be release after new year. This is probably the same case with Bleach chapter 478.

You might be wondering why Naruto Chapter 567 was released in December 19, when in fact we already saw the previous chapter last week right? Well, that’s because in Japan Naruto chapters are released 1 week after. But because raw images are scanned and translated immediately, popular manga sites like Mangastream and Binktopia are able to release it earlier.

Well I’m still very anxious to find out what would Kyubii do to help Naruto. Would he unleash his powers or gave another kind of energy to Naruto? Or would he allow himself to be fully controlled by Naruto just like Bee can control Hachibi.

Let’s find out in the next chapter of Naruto 568. I will post Naruto 568 spoilers (confirmed) here when there are available. Meanwhile you can read some of what Naruto fans thinks what will happen in Naruto chapter 568 here.”



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