Naruto chapter 569 Release Date – Delayed Until Next Week?

Naruto Chapter 569 will probably delayed. According to the Weekly Shonen Jump, the Naruto Chapter 569 will be released by January 11, 2012. You can see the Weekly Shonen Jump schedule here.


Naruto Manga 569 will be released in Japan by January 16th. But since there are people who translate and scan the raw images, we (outside Japan) get to view Naruto 569 ahead of them.

But I’m not really sure if Naruto 569 and Bleach 479 will not be released sometime this week. The Weekly Shonen Jump schedule was accurate during Naruto 568, so most probably Naruto Chapter 569 will be delayed also.

Anyway the last Naruto chapter was awesome! We taught that Kurama or the Nine-Tailed beast was going to help Naruto. But instead he was just patiently waiting for something to happen between Naruto and the Four-Tailed beast a.k.a Son Goku.

Kakashi and Mighty Guy were clearly no match for the Jinchuriki and the Tailed Beast in terms of fire power. But they are using their experience and skills to fight.

Meanwhile, Naruto was swallowed by Son Goku and he was able to talk to the Four Tailed beast. Kurama was not surprised, instead he was just listening to the conversation of Naruto and Son Goku.

Naruto was somewhat goofy and funny, as always. But because of his kind heart and friendliness he was able to convince the Four Tailed beast to help him.

Hear comes the exciting part, Son Goku told Naruto to free him from his chains or unbind him. What will Naruto do? Will Naruto really unbind the Four Tailed beast? And he does, will Son Goku help Naruto and how?

These are the things we need to know and we will most probably find the answers when Naruto Chapter 569 is released.



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