Naruto Chapter 569 Spoiler and Naruto Shippuden Confining the Jinchuriki Arc

Naruto Chapter 569 is the next episode after The Four Tails: The Sage King of the Apes. Unfortunately Naruto Chapter 569 Spoiler (confirmed spoiler) is not yet available. Since Naruto Chapter 569 will probably be delayed until January 11, 2012 according to Weekly Shounen Jump Schedule. I will post Naruto Chapter 569 spoiler once they are available. You may also view Naruto Chapter 569 predictions by Naruto fans here.


Meanwhile, the Naruto Shippuden: Confining the Jinchuriki Arc trailer is available. In the upcoming Naruto Shippuden Arc, Naruto begins his new training with Killer Bee and the Eight-Tails. His training is to control the power and yield Kurama or the Nine-Tailed beast inside him.

Also, in Naruto Shippuden: Confining the Jinchuriki Arc, Naruto will also discover the truth about his parents (Kushina Uzumaki and Yondaime Minato Namikaze) and his childhood. Naruto Shippuden: Confining the Jinchuriki Arc will start airing on January 5, 2012.

Watch the Confining the Jinchuriki Arc trailer below:



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