Read Naruto Chapter 571: Naruto’s New Power!

Naruto Chapter 571 is expected to be another epic chapter. Finally, Naruto released the seal of Kurama and freed him. The last two pages of the previous Naruto manga chapter was the climax. I could hear the sound of the seal unlocking in my ears while reading the last two pages.


UPDATE 1: Naruto Chapter 571 is now available. Naruto 571 is entitled A new Power.
UPDATE 2: This is one f@ckng epic chapter!!!

Naruto and Kurama together with Killer Bee and Hachibi will face the remaining Bijuu (Tailed Beast). I’m sure those summoned tailed beast are no match for Kurama and Hachibi. Kurama alone is the most powerful among the tailed beast.

This time the power balance had changed. And the advantage is with Naruto and his team. I wonder what will Naruto and Kurama do to the five remaining Bijuu.

Naruto Chapter 571 is now available. You can now read Naruto Chapter 571 in popular manga sites!”



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