Read Naruto Chapter 572: 9 Names

Published on January 29th, 2012

“A lot of Naruto Manga fans are very excited about Naturo Chapter 572 to be released already. I’m very sure, like me, you are also very excited to know what happened next after Naruto and Kurama unleashed their powers against the five remaining tailed beast.


UPDATE: Naruto 572 is not available. You can read Naruto Chapter 572 entitled 9 names in popular manga sites.
UPDATE 1: Names of the Tailed beasts are: Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuou, Saiken, Choumei, Gyuuki, Kurama (in order of thei tail numbers).
UPDATE 2: Finally Naruto was able to remove the rods, and was able to talk with the tailed beast and the Jinchuuriki.
UPDATE 3: Rikudo Senin new all along that someday, someone would reunite the 9 tailed beast and they will now true power. And the person that will lead them to that path is… Naruto!
UPDATE 4: Naruto can now fully control the 9 tailed beast and has gained another power from the 5 tailed beast, they just entrusted their souls to Naruto!

The Fusion of Naruto and Kurama is totally cool! Even the five tailed beast are no match for Naruto and Kurama. So this is the true power of Kurama and this is how it looked like when Naruto is finally able to control Kurama. That looks totally different when Madara was still controlling Kurama.

Even Guy and Kakashi were totally speechless when they saw Naruto’s new power. I know that they have more experience, but the power level is way of their charts.

Naruto and Kurama are so cool! I can’t wait for Naruto 572 to be released. Currently Naruto Chapter 572 spoiler (confirmed) are still not available.

Will Naruto and Kurama defeat the five tailed beast with their Bijuu Dama Flash and finally free them from Tobi’s control? Let’s see in the following chapter starting with Naruto 572.”


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