Naruto Chapter 575 Now Available! Entitled: The Stone Will

Finally, Sasuke has made his appearance after a few teasers in the previous Naruto chapters. Something bad will probably happen in Naruto Chapter 575. Sasuke is full of hatred and vengeance in his heart and it seems that he has become accustomed to his brothers eyes and his new power, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 575 is now available, it’s entitled “”The Stone Will“”. You can read Naruto 575 on popular manga sites. Although most of them have stop posting Naruto because it’s licensed by Viz Media.
UPDATE 2: We are back to Madara vs the 5 Kage in this chapter. Kabuto created a giant forest-like out in the middle of the desert. And Madara is still using heavy powered jutsu against the Kages. Madara used Katon Kouka Messhitsu and blew the Kages away.
UPDATE 3: The Stone Will refers to Oonoki and it looks like he did something cool in this chapter after a few flashback – Jinton Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu!
UPDATE 4: SAsuke is also in this chapter! Sasuke crossed path with Itachi.

The power of Sasuke’s Susano is incredible! He was able to wipe out all the Zetsu clone in one blow! Not only that Sasuke was able to squeeze out some information from the captured Zetsu using his Sharingan.

I think Sasuke has gone mad! He decides to head out to were “”he”” is and Sasuke will kill him. I bet his referring to Naruto. Before the chapter ends, we saw Itachi going somewhere. Perhaps Itachi and Sasuke will meet first. This would be their reunion.

Will their reunion end up in a bloody carnage or will they end up with a loving hug from each other? Let’s find out in the following chapters starting with Naruto Chapter 575.

Naruto Chapter 575 Spoiler will be available soon. So come back soon. By the way Naruto is licensed by Viz Media. Please support by buying the original Naruto manga chapters once they come out in your region.

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