Naruto Chapter 579: Brothers Fight As One

Naruto Chapter 578 is up next in the exiting series of Naruto Manga Series. Starting last chapter (or perhaps previous chapters), the battle was divided in to three groups namely; Naruto, Bee, Kakashi, Gai vs Tobi or the masked man; The 5 Kage vs Madara; and Sasuke, Itachi vs Kabuto.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 579 is now available. It’s entitled Brothers Fight as One. In this chapter, Itachi and Sasuke fight to defeat Kabuto. You can read Naruto 579 in popular manga sites.

In the previous chapter, Sasuke followed Itachi to were Kabuto was. Sasuke thought it was Orochimaru because of his voice, but it was Kabuto. Why is Kabuto having some traits of Orochimaru? Perhaps he has absorb or gained some of Orochimaru’s power.

In Naruto Chapter 578, Itachi’s goal is to stop the Edo Tensei. Since he can not kill Kabuto, he will be using Tsukuyomi on Kabuto in Naruto Chapter 579. But I doubt if it would really make him stop the Edo Tensei.

Meanwhile, the 5 Kage are still struggling to defeat Madara. In my own opinion, they don’t really stand a chance against Madara. He has become all power and all mighty. And the only way to stop Madara is for Sasuke and Itachi defeats Kabuto and make him stop the Edo Tensei.

Although I’m thinking that even if they did stop the Edo Tensei, Madara might have made some moves or executed some jutsu to keep him alive even if the Edo Tensei has stopped.

Madara teased the 5 Kage even more by creating 25 more copies of himself, through Tajuu Mokuton Bunshin No Jutsu (just like Naruto’s shadow clone technique and this one might be even powerful than Naruto’s). 5 Madara for each Kage was his idea of 5 vs 1, (5 Madara vs 1 Kage) and not the 5 Kage vs Madara. This has gone insane, the five of them can’t even handle 1 Madara with Susanoo, how much more 5 Madara all using Susanoo? Crazy! Is this the end of the 5 Kage?

But there is still hope, if Sasuke and Itachi will be able to defeat Kabuto in Naruto Chapter 579, or make him stop the Edo Tensei at least, the 5 Kage could be saved.

The Itachi brothers (Sasuke and Itachi) once again joined forces to stop Kabuto, this is something really cool. After so many years Sasuke and Itachi could become like they were used to be. Oh, by the way, I was also thinking that there might be a twist in Naruto Chapter 579, and the stage will focus on Naruto vs Tobi again.

Naruto Chapter 579 spoiler will some out soon. Just stick around folks and wait for Naruto 579 spoiler to come out. Oh by the way, who is that dead ninja behind Kabuto? Can somebody remind me who she is?



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