Naruto Chapter 580: Brotherly Time

Naruto Chapter 580 is the next exciting chapter in Naruto Shippuden Manga series. Currently Naruto Chapter 580 spoiler is not yet available. But let’s break down what just had happened and things that might happen in Naruto 580.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 580 is now available. It is entitled Brotherly Time. You can read Naruto Manga 580 in popular manga sites.

During the last chapter, Sasuke and Itachi both possessing the power of Mangekyou Sharigan and Susano, joined forces to stop Kabuto and the Edo Tensei. BTW, how come Sasuke was referred to as “”Dr. Snake””?

Moving on, despite Sasuke and Itachi using their Mangekyou Sharingan and Susano to fight Kabuto, Kabuto still manage to avoid their attacks. He somehow “”stole”” the powers that Sasuke’s friends has.

Kabuto also revealed that he trained at Ryuuchidou. Just like when Naruto trained in another world, to gain the Sage Mode, Kabuto also trained with the White Snake Sage.

Anyway, it was Sasuke and Itachi who defeated and killed Orochimaru, can they also defeat his successor, Kabuto, now that Kabuto has gained higher form of power (Kabuto Sage Mode).

One more thing, is Kabuto’s Sage Mode somehow similar to Naruto’s Sage Mode? Then there should also be some weakness. Like when Naruto is unable to balance the power, part of him (or he himself) turns into a frog and then to stone. Will Kabuto also turn into a snake stone? Well partly he is a snake already.

We are expecting to learn more about Kabuto’s Sage Mode in Naruto Chapter 580. I will update this post and include Naruto chapter 580 spoiler once they are available.



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