Naruto Chapter 590 Release Date

Naruto 590 Release Date

Naruto Chapter 590 is the next chapter in Naruto Shippuden Manga series. Itachi was successful in finding out how to release the Edo Tensei. And Sasuke bids his farewell to his brother. But Madara had already unleashed his full power. Madara unleashed his perfect Susanoo in stabilized form before the 5 Kage. What will happen next? Will Itachi make it in time? Will the 5 Kage be saved from Madara’s wrath?


If I am not mistaken, Naruto is on a week vacation. Meaning there will be no Naruto 590 this week. Naruto chapter 590 release date will most probably be sometime next week. Although I’m not sure yet if it will be released the usual time (Wednesday night or Thursday morning). It may also be released earlier or later than the said dates.

This sure is getting exciting. Itachi finally did it. And the end to this saga is nearing. All they have to problem now is Tobi and its up to Naruto to stop Tobi and his plans. Ohh let’s ot forget Sasuke’s revenge towards Konoha too. Lets find out in Naruto 590.



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