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Naruto Chapter 628 Release Date – Watch Out Madara!




You might be wondering why until now Naruto chapter 628 is not yet released right? Well, if you have read the previous chapter from other manga sites, the chapter just ended without telling you when the next chapter, Naruto 628, would be released. So when exactly is the next chapter to come out? Continue reading below.


UPDATE: Naruto 628 was recently released. Check it out details here -> Naruto 628 Here and From Now On

naruto 628 release dateImage credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist itashio94

Naruto chapter 628 Release Date

I’m sure you are very excited to see Madara and Obito’s butt get kicked by the 4 previous hokage right? There are also lots of things what we want to see in the following chapter, like what will Naruto’s reaction be when he sees Sasuke or his father Minato, and vice versa. And things like who will fight who, I guess it will be Madara vs Hashirama, Obito vs Naruto and/or Sasuke perhaps and the rest will fight the Juubi.

But unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Naruto 628 being released this coming Tuesday/Wednesday (third week of April). That’s right, just as I have feared, they are on a week break. Ahh! It sucks right? Just when things are getting really good, they decided to take a break! Grrr..

But do not fret Naruto fans! Naruto chapter 628 release date will be on the fourth week of April. And to make up for the break, the next chapter will be a double chapter. Expect a long chapter by then. Lots of talking and probably lots of fighting scenes as well. But I’m sure the talking will come first. Perhaps the next chapter will be from Naruto chapters 628 to 629.

So, stay tuned guys! Naruto chapter 628 – 629 release date will be by fourth week of April. I’ll post an update once the chapter is released.



4 responses to “Naruto Chapter 628 Release Date – Watch Out Madara!”

  1. ayakagin kazetsubaki Avatar
    ayakagin kazetsubaki

    whhhatttt??? shcks!! a week break is too long for their avid fans…shoot!!!

  2. ayakagin kazetsubaki Avatar
    ayakagin kazetsubaki

    naruto’s storyline keeps getting better and better …so love this anime ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You should be kicked for this comment. It’s manga not anime ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Really kishi…..really….ugh fine ill wait

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