Naruto chapter 656 release date, prediction, spoiler

Naruto Chapter 656 – Naruto faces Madara – Release Date and Prediction

Naruto chapter 656 is the next Naruto shippuden manga chapter to be released by last week of November 2013. That’s right Naruto manga readers; the Naruto is on a week break and will restart in Issue #1 or first issue of the New Year. I’m sure a lot of you might be confused on when will Naruto 656 be released, right? The notation on the last page of the previous chapter was a bit confusing. But according to Madara Uchiha (God Of Konoha), a Facebook fan page, “#Naruto is only on break NEXT WEEK, NOT for the rest of the year!! SHONEN JUMP’s new printing year begins next month and that is what this week’s chapter is referring to. Expect chapter 656 on Wednesday, November 27th!!”. So I guess we will be expecting Naruto 656 by then and the rest of the chapters probably by 2014 already.


Naruto chapter 656 release date, prediction, spoilerImage credits: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist salim202

Naruto Chapter 656 Prediction

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Naruto manga. It’s not that I have stop reading about it, but I have other suppressing matters to focus on. Honestly, I’m not really excited on the whole Naruto and Sasuke vs Obito thing. Obito was not the real enemy here. He was just a pawn; a confused, lonely and vengeful ninja who lost his way. Good thing that Naruto was able to somehow weaken his foundation that caused his downfall. The person who should be doing that is Kakashi. Except that he was just not as powerful as Obito, and he needs the help of Naruto to break Obito’s shell and pull him out from darkness.

Oh well, turns out that it’s still Kakashi’s call on what to do with Obito in the end. But right now Naruto, Sasuke and the other Shinobis have a greater problem, a more evil one – Madara. He is still alive and last time we saw, Madara was playing with Hashirama. I think he was already having a hard time fighting Madara. But don’t worry help is already on the way.

Now this is where the real battle begins. Obito was just a front act; Madara is the real enemy from the very beginning. I think Hashirama alone is not enough to defeat Madara. And he will need the help of Naruto, Sasuke the other Hokages and the whole Shinobi army to defeat Madara. Madara has gone really strong now. I expect to see some more intense fighting action starting from Naruto chapter 656. And this time Naruto won’t be able to talk Madara out from this war and convince him to join the good side. He is just plain pure evil, without any hesitation.

I’m also worried that Kishimoto might left us hanging during the Christmas and New Year season. Remember, every Christmas time or New Year, Naruto usually takes a very long break? I hope it doesn’t happen this 2013-2014. But expect the worst. I think that’s it for now.

And again, Naruto 656 release date will be on November 27th, hopefully. Naruto 656 spoilers are expected to be released one day before Naruto chapter 656 is released.



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  1. PoetMaster-X Avatar

    I pretty much agree with all you’ve said & I hope Naruto won’t take a whole hollydayes break…

    What Madara said about using Hashimara’s senjutsu powers to switch with Obito is strange… …could he just use a single senjutsu technique to switch with the Juubi Jinjuuriky?.. …anywayes, Obito is no longer the Jinjuuriky(& he haven’t died after the extraction – makes sense with the Senju cells in his body)… …I’m still thinking Madara will be completely be resurrected by Gedo-Rinne Tensei by either trying to control Obito(& this time succesfully), or by other means, like using Senjutsu(may be a Senpo, Gedo-Rinne Tensei could be used to resurrect ones selfe – like from Edo Tensei to complete resurrection)… …Kishi probably isn’t thinking the same way I’am……. 🙂

    I’m curious, if Sasuke & Madara both could now use Senjutsu by theirselves, after boorowing it from Juugo & Hashirama… …I doubt Sasuke can, tough he is close to learning it, since the Curse Mark is the same as senjutsu, only inferior to it… …Madara I belive have never used Senjutsu, but he knowes how to use it through Hashirama & may be after he starts using his, he’ll be able to use it by himselfe… …anywayes, Madara knowes a grat deal of Senjutsu, probably even more than anyone who actually is a user… …may be on the stone monument of Uchiha, he’ve red something interesting…….

    The other thing is: The Juubi’s chackra – as Naruto said – is nature energy itselfe… …Obito could control the Juubi, but he still could not use senjutsu, despite the fact that the Juubi-chackra he used was nature energy… …because that energy is at a seperated place within your body, apart from your own chackra, like it is with Naruto & the Kyuubi’s chackra, so Obito did not had to try mixing his own mental & physical energy with nature energy, so the result was different as well… …on the other hand, Naruto is using both Bijuu chackra & nature energy togeather & when doing that, he absorbs nature energy at a faster rate… …so Rykoduo Sennin actually did the same as Naruto when being the Juubi Jinjuuriky… …Obito were never near the Sage, but I belive, Madara will get closer to that & Naruto will once again has to save all the Bijuu…….

    I belive that Madara will become something really close to the Rikoduo Sennin by obteaning both Senjutsu & the Juubi… …he will somehow resurrect himselfe, rip the shell of the Juubi off of Obito & might actually kill him, if not saved by Sakura(but I belive not) & he’ll seal all the Bijuu chackra that were inside of Obito into himselfe & he’ll resurrect the Juubi within himselfe, thus becoming a new entity himselfe… …something way different than Obito… …something close to the strength of Rikodou Sennin & yet different… …I think he’ll ascend in another way, since he’ll resurrect the Juubi within his body, not sealing it into him after resurrecting it… …at least, this is what I think will happen… …probably not……. 🙂

    I think slowly, but surely, the former Kage will fall to Madara as well as 1-2 of the corrent Kage, probably Tsunade & the Raikage, A… …than Naruto & Bee would become the new Hokage & Raikage after the war ended…

    Sorry for the long comment… …I thought I’d share my thoughts… …I wonder how much of my imagination will come true… …Kishimoto is probably thinking entierly different as he usually is… …if my spelling was off, I apologize, my toung is not english……. 🙂

    1. Hi Thanks for the comment and sharing your thoughts.
      It’s okay to post long comments, very much appreciate it.
      I’m not really sure if Hashirama will be the one to defeat Madara or not, but if Naruto will do it, perhaps all the tailed-beast will help him since Naruto has already proven himself to the tailed beasts. I’m looking forward to the release of the next chapter.

  2. That is one hell of a long COMMENT!

    But i like it!!!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Adam Jensen Avatar
    Adam Jensen

    I think Madara isn’t even that powerful, naruto defeated obito. Obito was the jinchuriki of the TEN TAILS (let’s not forget all the fighting against it, without obito) which completely surpassed Madara’s powers. It’s not gonna take as much combined effort, that’s for sure. It might be tricky to seal him, but that’s about it. Naruto can take him. I wonder what will happen to the four hokage though.. if they’ll release themselves, or just decide to live forever lol

  4. Adam Jensen Avatar
    Adam Jensen

    But yeah, that’s all Bullshit

  5. Meh don’t really care if they take a year off or not… Last few mangas have gotten way to preachy and its starting to erk me.

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