Naruto manga 567 Spoiler – Kakashi and Might Guy vs Tobi

Naruto 567 is the next Naruto manga chapter. During the previous chapter 566 entitled Eyes and Beasts, the Eight-Tails or Hachibi unleashed his powers and wipe out the entire forest. By wiping out the entire forest Naruto and Bee will have a better chance of fighting the 6 Jinchuriki and sealing them for good.


Meanwhile the other squads are busy fighting and sealing the Edo Tensei. And the 5 Kage are also busy fighting Madara Uchiha. Naruto and Bee are having a hard time fighting the 6 Jinchuriki.

Hachibi plans to seal the Jinchuriki using his ink and Bee is busy holding them off so that Hachibi could “”spit”” on them with his ink. Unfortunately Tobi or whoever he is, unleashed the Jinchuriki’s power and unleashed their tails.

Bee and Hachibi failed to seal or even hold them, giving Tobi the chance to corner Naruto. Both Hachibi and Naruto were cornered and out numbered. Tobi was able to surprise Naruto and grab him by his head.

Suddenly, the two Masters of Konoha, Kakashi Sensei (sharingan user) and Bushy Eyebrows Sensei a.k.a. Might guy appeared to rescue Naruto. They were waiting for Tobi to materialize so that they could attack him. But Tobi was too careful. He canceled his attack on Naruto to save himself.

This is interesting. In Naruto 567, most probably we will be seeing Kakashi and Mighty Guy fighting Tobi. While Naruto and Bee/Hachibi fights the Jinchuriki.

Also have you noticed that Kakashi is using a different head guard? The symbol is not Konoha’s symbol. I did not notice this before or maybe I missed the episode or chapter were Kakashi changed his head guard.

Oh, well, we will be seeing more action in Naruto chapter 567. Hopefully we will also see what happened to the 5 Kage and Madara Uchiha as well. Naruto 567 release date is expected to be by Wednesday or Thursday.



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