netdepot coupon code april 2013

NetDepot Coupon Code for April 2013: 25% OFF First Month

NetDepot, one of the leading Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting solution by GNAX, has announced their coupon code for the month of April 2013. This NetDepot coupon codes can save your 25% off the first month from their following servers; E3-1230 V2, E5-2620 and Enterprise Blade. See more details on how you can avail these NetDepot coupon codes for April 2013.


UPDATE: See NetDepot’s May coupon code here.

netdepot coupon code april 2013

Net Depot Dedicated Servers

The Dedicated Servers included for the April Special are two Intel servers and one HP Enterprise Blade server. Below are their respective specifications and features.

E3-1230 V2

  • Intel® Quad Core E3 Processor with HT: 4 x 3.3 GHz CPU (up to 3.7)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1 TB SATA III hard disk
  • 10 TB of transfers / 1000 Mbps burstable bandwidth
  • 8 public IP addresses


  • Intel® Dual Hex E5 Processor: 12 x 2.0 GHz CPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 2 TB SATA II hard disk
  • 10 TB of transfers / 1000 Mbps burstable bandwidth
  • 5 public IP addresses

Enterprise Blade

  • HP Enterprise Blade
  • Intel® Dual 5620 Westmere: 8 x 2.4 GHz CPU
  • 8 GB RAM (Expandable to 192)
  • 300 GB SAS Drive
  • 10 TB of transfers / 1000 Mbps burstable bandwidth
  • 5 public IP addresses
  • Dual A & B Powered (Tier IV)

All NetDepot dedicated servers included in this promo features the following:

  • Free cPanel Server Migration
  • Full IPMI Access
  • KVM over IP
  • Remote Reboot
  • Remote OS Reload
  • Hot swap Hard Drives
  • 24x7x365 Customer Support
  • Free GNAX AppMonitor for server and application level performance management
  • Access to high performance SAN for extra and completely redundant storage
  • Fully managed options available

NetDepot Coupon Code April 2013

To take advantage of the 25% discount on these Dedicated Servers, make sure to use the coupon code found on their page here.

You must also act with haste since this offer is only valid until April 30, 2013, and can be applied to new server orders only.

Why Choose NetDepot?

NetDepot provides hosting solutions not only for small businesses, but for enterprises worldwide as well. They have been in the industry for 15 years and have two data centers located in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. NetDepot aims to be the strongest long-term provider of managed dedicated server hosting, private cloud hosting, on-demant IT solutions and virtual private data center. To learn more about NetDepot’s other hosting solutions and services, visit



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