second generation intel thunderbolt

Next Generation Intel Thunderbolt with 20Gbps Bandwidth and 4K Support

Intel recently unveiled their next generation Thunderbolt interface, codenamed Falcon Ridge, that is capable of 20Gbps transfer rate in both directions. The first generation of Thunderbolt was only 10Gbps, making the second generation twice as fast as its predecessor. Find out more below and watch the video as Intel demos their second generation Thunderbolt.


second generation intel thunderbolt

Aside from the new 20Gbps speed, the second generation Intel Thunderbolt now supports 4K video display and transfer. 4K are even larger than the 1080p HD display we commonly know. The 2nd gen Thunderbolt is also backwards compatible with the first generation cables.

4K displays are not popular yet because of the high price tag attached to it, such as the recently released Sony 4K Ultra HD LED TV. But soon enough 4K display will be the standard display after the 720p and 1080p displays becomes obsolete.

Since the Apple iMac and MacBook Pro are the computers that commonly uses the Thunderbolt interface, perhaps soon enough Apple will introduce 4K iMacs and 4K MacBook Pro.

intel thunderbolt falcon ridge

Production of the Falcon Ridge is said to ramp up in 2014, but Intel is not finished yet with Thunderbolt. It is also reported that Intel will try to upgrade the speed to reach as fast as 50 Gbps by 2015.

Watch the video below from Engadget, as Intel demos the new Thunderbolt:



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