nvidia geforce gtx 770 specifications

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Specifications Revealed! This Could Be A Game Changer

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 is one of the upcoming flagship graphics card from NVIDIA, and just recently its specifications were leaked from China retailer in Tokyo’s Akihabara electronics shopping district. Based on the leaked GeForce GTX 770 specifications, the card is similar to the GeForce GTX 680, but the GTX 770 has higher clocked speeds and improved memory frequency. Based on the leaked specifications sheet, the GeForce GTX 770 will feature 1536 CUDA Cores, Base Clock of 1046 MHz with Boost Clock of 1085 MHZ, and a Memory Clock of 7010 MHz. See the complete specifications below.


nvidia geforce gtx 770 specifications

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Specifications

Graphics Processing Clusters: 4
Streaming Multiprocessors: 8
CUDA Cores: 1536
Texture Units: 128
ROP Units: 32
Base Clock: 1046 MHz
Boost Clock: 1085 MHz
Memory Clock (Data rate): 7010 MHz
L2 Cache Size: 512KB
Total Video Memory: 2048MB or 4096MB GDDR5
Memory Interface: 256-bit
Total Memory Bandwidth: 224.3 GBps
Texture Filtering Rate (Bilinear): 133.9 GigaTexels per second
Fabrication Process: 28nm
Transistor Count: 3.54 Billion
Connectors: 2x Dual-Link DVI, 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort
Form Factor: Dual Slot
Power Connectors: One 8-pin and one 6-pin
Recommended Power Supply: 600 Watts
Thermal Design Power (TDP): 230 Watts
Thermal Threshold: 95 Degrees Celsius

If the specifications above where true, then the GeForce GTX 770 would be a game changer. It’s also the graphics card with the highest clock speeds ever built. Aside from that, the GTX 770 will have the same design and cooling solution from that of the GTX Titan and GTX 780.

What’s even more interesting is the price of the GTX 770, which at this time, is not yet confirmed. According to Hermitage Akihabara, stores there are expected to sell this card for around 40,000 to 50,000 Yen. In US dollars, that should be around $390 to $400++.

If the pricing would be accurate for the GTX 770, then expect that there would also be price changes in their previous lineup as well. This could spell disaster for AMD’s lineup, and they’ll probably respond to this with a price drop as well. Anyway, we’ll find out that soon enough as the release dates are nearing.



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