NVIDIA GK100 and GK104 Specifications and Release date revealed

NVIDIA has also revealed it’s next generation 28nm chips for their upcoming GPU after AMD has revealed their Tahiti 28nm chips and AMD Radeon HD 7000 series lineup. NVIDIA’s next graphics card is not branded as GTX 600 series but it’s rather called GK100 and GK104.


NVIDIA GK104 Specifications

The GK104 features a smaller die compared to GF114 chips. It’s architecture is based on Kepler or Kepler Fermi / Fermi mix architecture, a hybrid type architecture.

According to reports the GK104 could also feature 640-768 shader units or Stream processors. And 80-96 texture units or TMUs. What is still not clear if the GK104 will feature a 256bit or 384bit memory interface. But it is possible that some next generation 28nm graphics card will feature a 256bit version and a 384bit version.

Regarding the NVIDIA GK104’s performance it is expected to perform over 2 TFLOPs and is allegedly faster than GeForce GTX 580.

NVIDIA GK104 Release Date

NVIDIA GK104 is expected to be released in the first quarter or Q1 of 2012. If the graphics card will be released by Q1 of 2012, it is expected to match AMD Radeon HD 7800 series (Pitcairn) which is also expected to be released in Q1 of 2012.

NVIDIA GK100 Specifications

The GK100 is NVIDIA’s flagship for their next generation 28nm graphics card. The GK100 is based on Kepler architecture and is reported to feature 1024 shader units or Stream Processors.

It is also reported to have 128 texture units (TMUs) and 64 raster operation units or ROPs. The GK100 is expected to have a 512bit DDR memory interface, most probably GDDR5. Regarding its performance, the GK100 is expected to perform close to GeForce GTX 590 (dual GPU) but not same or above GTX 590.

NVIDIA GK100 Release Date

The GK 100 is expected to be released sometime in the second quarter or Q2 of 2012.

Let me just remind you that all this information are yet to be confirmed. Some of them are close to reality and some will just vanish when the GK104 and GK100 are officially introduced.




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