nvidia tegra 4 wayne

NVIDIA Tegra 4 Wayne Specifications Revealed

Just recently, the upcoming Nvidia Tegra 4 mobile processor, codenamed “Wayne“, was revealed. Partial details and specifications of the said CPU was revealed from a Chinese site called Chiphell. Based on the partial specs revealed, the Nvidia Tegra 4 Wayne is way more powerful than the current Tegra 3 processor, about 6 times!


nvidia tegra 4 wayne

The Nvidia Tegra 4 Wayne will feature a 4-Plus-1 Core Eagle CPU with patented 5th battery saver core, a 72-core graphics processor, dual channel DDR3 support, has native VP8 acceleration and H.264 HP support, and can handle maximum resolution of 2560×1600 resolution.

The Nvidia Tegra 4 Wayne utilizes a 28nm HPL and a 5th battery saver core for lower power consumption. It also features a Super Speed Imaging and advanced hardware-accelerated security, and is now able to support USB 3.0 interface.

Most probably, full details and information will be revealed in the upcoming CES 2013 or in the Mobile World Conference in February 2013. It’s not sure yet which device (smartphone or tablet) will be powered by Tegra 4 yet. Obviously this upcoming CPU out-performs Samsung Exynos, but we know this doesn’t end here. Samsung might also release a more powerful CPU this coming 2013.



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