One Piece Chapter 672 Release Date

Unfortunately, One Piece 672 will not be released this week, since it is in a one week break. One Piece Chapter 672 release date will be by next week Wednesday or Thursday. Spoilers or raw scans are also not available this week. It’s usually 24 hours before the chapter is released.


Image credit: Deviant artist raphavictor

Meanwhile, Luffy got knocked out by Caesar during the last chapter with his poisonous gas. I do not know what happened exactly but somehow Caesar managed to secrete the poisonous gas without Luffy realizing it. How will Luffy get out of this situation now?

At the final pages of the last chapter, we saw Law suffering and trying to get out of that place. But a mysterious guy appeared and blocked Law. Law seems to know who this guy is, but we centainly don’t. Let’s find out who this guy is when the chapter is released by next week.

Once again, there will be no One Piece 672 this week. One Piece Chapter 672 release date will be sometime next week or the usual time next week.



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