OtterBox Defender vs OtterBox Commuter for Samsung Galaxy S3

Published on November 14th, 2012

One of the most popular smartphone cases that offers total protection to your phone is probably the OtterBox. OtterBox is known for creating high quality and highly durable cases for smartphones. Two of their popular case series are the OtterBox Defender series and OtterBox Commuter series. If you have a high end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S3, you definitely want to give the best protection for your phone. You wouldn’t want your investment laid waste by some accidental fall right? The most popular question now would be, “should I get the OtterBox Defender or the Commuter for my Samsung Galaxy S3“?


otterbox defender vs commuter galaxy s3 drop test

OtterBox Defender vs OtterBox Commuter

Before I’m going to show you which OtterBox case series is the best, let me give you a brief information about these two products.

The OtterBox Commuter is a sturdy case that offers 2 layers of protection (excluding the screen protector). It has the silicone inner layer and the polycarbonate outer layer. The Commuter offers protection from drop, dust and scratches. It’s thinner compared to the Defender and lighter as well. And also cheaper compared to the Defender series.

On the other hand, the OtterBox Defender series offers a robust 3-layer protection that can withstand high impact drops, bumps and shocks. The layers includes the screen protector, polycarbonate inner layer and silicone outer layer, and it has a belt-clip holster as well. The Defender is thicker/bulkier, heavier and more expensive than the Commuter.

Both the Defender and the Commuter offers superb protection for your Samsung Galaxy S3. Now which one should you get? The only way to tell which one is better in providing protection to your Galaxy S3 is to do an actual drop test. Below is a crazy video where the Galaxy S3 is dropped more than 10 times (all high impact) using the OtterBox Defender and Commuter. Not only that, the phone was literally thrown from the second floor of the house, more than 10 feet high! Ouch! Guess what? Did the Galaxy S3 survived? Which OtterBox case provided better protect? Watch the video below.

OtterBox Defender vs Commuter Drop Test using Samsung Galaxy S3

I feel really sorry for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now which one will you get? As for me, it’s definitely the latter. Right now Amazon is offering a discounted price for the Defender and Commuter series for the Galaxy S3. You can get one using the links below.

OtterBox Defender Series for Galaxy S3

Choose your color below:
Black. For UK here
Glacier (Grey). For UK here
Boom (Purple)
Atomic (Violet with Neon Green). For UK here
Reflection (Green)
AP Blaze (Black with Orange)

OtterBox Commuter Series for Galaxy S3

Choose your color below:
Black. For UK here
Glacier (White). For UK here
Night Sky (Blue)
Boom (Purple)
Atomic (Neon Green)


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