PayPal reveals Near Field Communication Android to Android Payments

Android users can now easily pay other Android users with PayPal’s NFC peer-to-peer payment

PayPal, a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments without revealing your financial information, has just recently revealed a new peer-to-peer payment functionality. This new feature allows Android users to pay other Android users through NFC or Near Field Communication-enabled devices.


paypal near field communication payment service

PayPal is really pushing this new technology to make it easier for mobile users. Payments can now be sent or receive by entering transaction information and tapping an android device against another android phone. When the Phone rings, the receiver can opt to send or receive money by entering a PIN number. A PayPal widget will be installed for this service. The service utilize an encrypted token and does not access NFC chip in where the payment credentials are stored.

Shimone Samuel, Product Experience Manger for PayPal Mobile said that: “What I’m looking for is what is simplest and easiest for customers and NFC is the simplest way to request money.”

He also pointed out that this is different from the existing Bump Payment service that does not rely on NFC technology. The NFC solution is ahead and it can do transactions even if only one Android unit has launched it’s PayPal widget.

However, PayPal’s new mobile payment service is still young and it will only work in U.S. with the Samsung Nexus S from Sprint and T-Mobile. But soon it will spread around the world. It’s just a matter of time.

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