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Where to Buy PC Modding and Water Cooling Supplies in Philippines

More and more people are becoming PC Enthusiasts and PC gamers these days. If you have been to a computer rig shows like Campus Tech Road Show or Davao Cyber Expo, I’m sure you have seen those flashy monster rigs (gaming PC) being displayed in the center of the event. Some of them even have water cooling system installed. They look pretty cool right? I bet you also want to build one. Local computer stores don’t usually sell PC modding supplies or water cooling equipment/kits in Philippines. Why? Because the market is still not that big, it’s still growing. So where can you buy those modding supplies or water cooling supplies in the Philippines, and turn your dull looking PC into something totally cool?


cooler master haf xm

Before I tell you where I got some of my modded PC parts, let me just give you a little trivia about this whole PC modding thing.

Are PC modding supplies or tools expensive?
Modding your PC and turning it to look something cool needs additional expense on your part. Some of these modding supplies are expensive, while others are not. Most of the time, it depends on the brand name or the quality of the supplies or tools.

Are custom Water cooling system expensive?
Yes, unfortunately they are expensive and are not maintenance free. If you want to experience water cooling, but you are on a budget and you want something that is maintenance free, I would recommend you try Corsair Hydro H100i / H80i or Cooler Master Seidon 120M or 240M. They are more affordable than a custom water cooling system and are 100% maintenance free.

Will modding my PC, or making it look better, make it faster?
Modding your PC, customizing how it looks, adding performance fans or LED or lights WILL NOT make your PC or system go faster. What makes your computer faster are the core components (such as processor, memory, storage drives, graphics cards). It does not follow that a Rig or a Gaming PC that looks like a “monster rig”, really is a monster rig. Some PC enthusiast customize the way their PC looks because they want it to look better and stand out from the rest.

You may have the highest-end components or PC hardware, but still your computer looks dull. Or you may have the coolest looking rig in town but not the fastest. Now back to the main question…

Where to Buy PC Modding and Water Cooling Supplies in Philippines?

As of to date, there are many online sellers and local stores selling PC modding and water cooling supplies in the Philippines, and still growing. You can check out, there are lots of sellers advertising their items for sale on the said site. Just be careful with scammers, as there are plenty of them also.

Recently, I purchased some customized cable extensions, or sleeved cables and a 3 pin power hub for my gaming rig. Below are images of the items I got.

sleeved power cables

sleeved sata cables

deep cool 3pin hub

deep cool 3pin hub extension

cooler master haf xm project

Okay, if you are wondering where I got these cool items, you can visit camshow‘s thread from TipidPC. He is a verified and trusted seller on TipidPC and has been in the business for many years now. He is also a PC enthusiast, PC modding and water cooling expert. Aside from PC modding supplies, he also sells water cooling supplies (like radiators, tubes, etc), as well as PC components.

I know there are other sellers out there, but I have a good experience while dealing with him. You can check out camshow’s items for sale here.



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  1. sir did u custom a water cooling system on your own?

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