Feast your eyes on the “Beast” PoV and TGT Geforce GTX 590

Published on April 17th, 2011

Point of View (PoV) and TGT is ready to unleashed their fastest graphics card to date (and the fastest graphics card that money can buy), the PoV-TGT GeForce GTX 590 codenamed “BEAST“. This graphics card is said to be the “cream of the crop” from TGT.


The PoV/TGT GTX 590 Beast is a dual GPU graphics card that features factory overclocked speeds, out of the box 691MHz core clock speed, a memory clocked at 927.5 with a 3710MHz of effective clock speed and a 1382MHz CUDA cores. That is a raise from default GTX 590 settings of 607-1215-3414 MHz to 691-1382-3710 MHz.

The GTX 590 Beast is such a monster graphics card that it requires water-cooling to extinguish it’s flaming power due to the Beast’s factory overclocked speeds.

A full-coverage AquagraFX water block is bind to the PoV-TGT’s Beast to cool down all the heat producing components of the graphics card. This includes the two GPU, the VRM, the memory chips, bridge chips and basically the whole PCB. The copper and nickel plated water block is made by Aqua Computer and keeps the Beast at around 50 degrees Celsius.

The PoV-TGT GTX 590 Beast is priced between €777.97, and €849.08 or around €800 depending on where you buy it and the location. Well it’s quite an expensive card and is expected when you pair an expensive graphics card and an expensive water block.


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