list of psu compatible with intel haswell cpu

List of Power Supplies Compatible with Intel Haswell CPUs

The next generation Intel Core processors, codenamed Haswell, offers promising features like super power efficiency, much better integrated graphics processor and expected to be more powerful than the previous CPUs. Because the Intel Haswell can operate on a very low power consumption this is a problem with the current power supply lineup that manufacturers produce. According to Intel Haswell’s C6 and C7, it requires that a minimum load of 0.05 amps on the 12V2 rail. But the problem is, some if not most, PSUs can’t operate on such a very low power, or they can’t deliver a stable and low power output. I’m sure you are wondering if your PSU can handle Haswell, so below is a list of PSUs that are confirmed to be compatible with Haswell processors.


list of psu compatible with intel haswell cpu

List of Power Supply Compatible with Haswell Processor

UPDATE: I have updated the list and more manufacturers have already announced which PSU are Haswell compatible.

As of to date, only Enemax has confirmed that some of their models are ready for Haswell. But I’m sure popular PSU manufacturers like Corsair, Silverstone and others will have PSUs compatible with Haswell. Check the list below.

Enermax Power Supplies Compatible with Intel Haswell

Platimax Series – Platimax 500W (EPM500AWT), Platimax 600W (EPM600AWT), Platimax 750W (EPM750AWT), Platimax 850W (EPM850EWT), Platimax 1000W (EPM1000EWT), Platimax 1200W (EPM1200EWT), Platimax 1500W (EPM1500EGT)

Revolution87+ Series – Revolution87+ 550W (ERV550AWT-G), Revolution87+ 650W (ERV650AWT-G), Revolution87+ 750W (ERV750AWT-G), Revolution87+ 850W (ERV850EWT-G), Revolution87+ 1000W (ERV1000EWT-G)

MaxRevo Series – MaxRevo 1200W (EMR1200EWT), MaxRevo 1350W (EMR1350EWT), MaxRevo 1500W (EMR1500EGT)

Triathlor Series – Triathlor 385W (ETA385AWT), Triathlor 450W (ETA450AWT), Triathlor 550W (ETA550AWT)

Triathlor FC Series – Triathlor FC 550W (ETA550AWT-M), Triathlor FC 650W (ETA650AWT-M), Triathlor FC 700W (ETA700AWT-M)

Revolution85+ Series – Revolution85+ 850W (ERV850EWT), Revolution85+ 920W (ERV920EWT), Revolution85+ 950W (ERV950EWT), Revolution85+ 1020W (ERV1020EWT), Revolution85+ 1050W (ERV1050EWT), Revolution85+ 1250W (ERV1250EGT)

Modu87+ Series – Modu87+ 500W (EMG500AWT), Modu87+ 600W (EMG600AWT), Modu87+ 700W (EMG700AWT), Modu87+ 800W (EMG800EWT), Modu87+ 900W (EMG900EWT)

Pro87+ Series – Pro87+ 500W (EPG500AWT), Pro87+ 600W (EPG600AWT)

Corsair PSU Compatible with Haswell

list of corsair psu compatible with haswell

Corsair utilizes this DC to DC technology in most of their power supplies. Starting with the CX750 and CX750M and moving all of the way through the GS Series, TX and TX-M Series, the HX Series, both the AX Series Gold and AX Series Platinum, and the new AXi Series. So whatever your budget, if you choose Intel’s new Haswell processor and wish to utilize the new, low power C7 sleep state, Corsair has a power supply for you.

Corsair AXi Series – AX1200i, AX860i, AX760i

Corsair AX Series – AX1200, AX860, AX850, AX760, AX750, AX650

Corsair HX Series – HX1050, HX850, HX750, HX650

Corsair TX-M Series – TX850M, TX750M, TX650M

Corsair TX Series – TX850, TX750, TX650

Corsair GS Series – GS800, GS700, GS600

Corsair CX-M Series – CX750M

Corsair CX Series – CX750

Silverstone PSUs Compatible with Intel Haswell CPU

list of silverstone psu compatible with haswell

Strider Gold Evolution series – ST1200-G Evolution, ST1000-G Evolution, ST85F-G Evolution, ST75F-G Evolution

Strider Gold series – ST1200-G, ST1000-G, ST85F-G, ST75F-G, ST65F-G, ST55F-G

Strider Gold S series – ST85F-GS, ST75F-GS

Strider Plus series – ST1500, ST1000-P, ST85F-P, ST75F-P, ST60F-PS, ST60F-P, ST50F-P

Strider Essential Series – ST70F-ES, ST60F-ES, ST50F-ES, ST40F-ES, ST50F-ES230

Nightjar Series – ST50NF, ST40NF

Gemini Series – ST55GF, ST50GF, ST42GF, ST30GF

SFX Series – ST45SF-G, ST45SF, ST30SF

ZEUS Series – ZM1350

Seasonic Power Supplies Compatible with Intel Haswell Processor

Seasonic didn’t made a more detailed list, but according to their press release the following Seasonic PSU series are ready for Intel Haswell:

Our full lines of 80 PLUS Platinum and Gold power supplies have been designed to be ready to meet Haswell’s new technical requirements! The ultra efficient Platinum series, which also includes the industry leading true fanless models, and our long running, award winning X Series, which is now supported by the 80 PLUS Gold G series – are all Haswell READY! In addition, our 80 PLUS Bronze line up, consisting of the M12II-750 & 850W models, is also compatible to be used with Intel’s new Haswell Processors.

For now, the above PSUs are the confirmed units that will be compatible or ready with Intel Haswell processors. I’ll continue to update this post once other manufacturers have also confirmed what PSUs of theirs are compatible with Haswell.

Cooler Master Power Supplies Compatible with Intel Haswell

Cooler Master recently released a press release regarding their PSU lineup that are compatible with Haswell. I’ll list them down below, but before that, check out what Cooler Master has to say about this whole compatibility issue. There are some misconceptions and things that the public should be aware of that Cooler Master wants us to know. Here’s an excerpt from their PR.

  • Most power supplies don’t support Haswell – False
  • I need a Haswell certified power supply to build a Haswell system – False
  • Haswell only works with DC-DC Power Supplies – False
  • Haswell only works with 80+ Gold and better Power Supplies – False
  • Haswell requires a second 12V rail and doesn’t work with single rail Power Supplies – False
  • On some older power supplies, Haswell consumes 5W more in idle mode – True

Among other improvements of Intel’s latest Core Processors, power consumption in idle mode has been greatly reduced from around 6W to less than 1W. This might cause some older power supplies to shut the system off when the CPU enters idle mode, or prevent the system from waking up out of sleep mode. To our knowledge all mainboard vendors will disable this advanced power saving mode by default, and no customer upgrading to Haswell should experience any issues whatsoever.

Nevertheless, should customers experience problems or would like to enable the advanced power saving mode on older power supplies that might not support it, there is a simple fix. Simply add a single silent case fan to the system and connect it to the power supply. It should provide enough additional load to keep the system running in an advanced power saving mode.

The only disadvantage would be that power savings in idle mode on such a system would only amount to around 2-3W instead of ~5W.

cooler master v1000 psu compatible haswell

Below is a list of Cooler Master Power Supplies compatible with Intel Haswell starting with their latest and flagship PSU:

  • V1000
  • V850
  • V700
  • Silent Pro Platinum 1000
  • Silent Pro Platinum 550
  • Silent Pro Gold 1200
  • Silent Pro Gold 1000
  • Silent Pro Gold 800
  • Silent Pro Gold 700
  • Silent Pro Gold 600
  • Silent Pro Gold 550
  • Silent Pro Gold 450
  • Silent Pro Hybrid 1300
  • Silent Pro Hybrid 1050
  • Silent Pro Hybrid 850
  • Silent Pro M2 1500
  • Silent Pro M2 1000
  • Silent Pro M2 850
  • Silent Pro M2 720
  • Silent Pro M2 620
  • Silent Pro M2 520
  • Silent Pro M2 420
  • Silent Pro M 1000
  • Silent Pro M 850
  • Silent Pro M 720
  • Silent Pro M 620
  • Silent Pro M 520
  • Silent Pro M 420
  • GX2 750
  • GX2 650
  • GX2 550
  • GX2 450
  • GX 750
  • GX 650
  • GX 550
  • GX 450
  • GX 400
  • GXL 700
  • GXL 600
  • GXL 500
  • I700
  • I600
  • I500
  • G700
  • G600
  • G500
  • Thunder M 620
  • Thunder M 520
  • Thunder M 420
  • Thunder 700
  • Thunder 600
  • Thunder 500
  • Thunder 450
  • B700
  • B600
  • B500
  • EX2 725
  • EX2 625
  • EX2 525
  • EX2 475
  • EX 700
  • EX 650
  • EX 600
  • EX 550
  • EX 500
  • EX 460
  • EX 400
  • EX 350
  • Elite 460
  • Elite 400
  • Elite 350

Antec PSUs Compatible with Haswell

EarthWatts Green – EA-650 Green

EarthWatts Platinum – EA-450, EA-550, EA-650

High Current Game – HCG-750, HCG-900

High Current Gamer M – HCG-520M, HCG-620M, HCG-750M, HCG-850M

High Current Pro – HCP-750, HCP-850, HCP-1200

High Current Pro Platinum – HCP-1000 Platinum, HCP-850 Platinum (OC link), HCP-1000 Platinum (OC link), HCP-1300 Platinum (OC link)

NeoEco C – Neo Eco 620C

Signature – SG-650, SG-850

TruePower Gold – TP-550G, TP-650G

TruePower New – TP-550, TP-650, TP-750, TP750 Blue

TruePower Quattro – TPQ-850, TPQ-1000, TPQ-1200, TPQ-1200 OC

VP – VP550P V2, VP650P V2, VP650PM

VP F – VP550 F, VP630 F

OCZ/PC Power & Cooling PSUs Compatible with Haswell

Mk III Silencer – PPCMK3S1200, PPCMK3S850, PPCMK3S750
Mk II Silencer – PPCMK2S950, PPCMK2S750, PPCMK2S650
Fatal1ty Gaming Series – OCZ-FTY1000W
ZX Series – OCZ-ZX1250W, OCZ-ZX1000W, OCZ-ZX850W
Z Series (EOL) – OCZZ1000M, OCZZ85M

Thermaltake PSUs Compatible with Haswell

Toughpower Grand (Platinum) – 600W, 700W
Toughpower Grand (Gold) – 650W, 750W, 850W, 1050W, 1200W
Toughpower XT – 1275W, 1375W, 1475W
Toughpower – 750W, 850W, 1000W, 1200W, 1500W
Evo_Blue 2.0 – 650W, 750W, 850W
Smart M – 750W, 850W

XFX PSUs Compatible with Haswell

According to XFX:

XFX power supplies use a +12V design that allows for a minimum of 0A so they will not have an issue with the new low power sleep states allowing the CPU to enter deep sleep mode without any problems. XFX manufacturing partner Seasonic in conjunction with Intel have worked together to confirm that all XFX Pro Series PSUs listed below are compatible with Intel’s new 4th generation Core processor family for new CPU upgrades to current systems and future new builds.

Pro Series Core Edition – PRO650W, PRO750W, PRO850W
Pro Series XXX Edition – PRO650W, PRO750W, PRO750W, PRO850W, PRO850W
Pro Series Black Edition – PRO750W, PRO850W, PRO1050W, PRO1250W
Pro Series Black Edition – Limited PRO1000W



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