quick charge iphone via usb port

How To Quick Charge iPhone, iPad or iPod via USB Port

We all know that charging your iPhone, iPad or iPod via a USB port takes a long time to finish. Same goes with Android devices like Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. I tried charging our iPhone 5 and Note 2 on my PC’s USB 3.0 port and it still take some time to get full bars. But there is a solution on how can you quick charge or fast charge your i Devices and even some Android devices. Please continue reading below.


quick charge iphone via usb port

Before I show you the solution on how to quick charge an iPhone and other iDevices, let me tell you why I charge our phone via my PC’s USB ports. Basically we have limited 220v outlet in our room, and all of them are already used by the appliances in our room. But my PC has many USB ports, so why not charge our phone via the USB.

Second, I want to stay as close to my phone as possible while using the computer. And sometimes I tether my phones connection to my PC. So it’s only practical to charge them via the USB ports.

How To Fast Charge iPhone, iPad or iPod via USB Port

So how can you quick charge your iPhone and other mobile devices? You only need to download and install a software called the ASUS Ai Charger. The Asus Ai Charger is a free utility that turns your PC into a flexible power-up station for iDevices, even on USB 2.0. It makes charging go 50% faster, and as close as possible when charging your phone via an outlet.

The Asus Ai Charger is not only compatible with Asus motherboard, but with other motherboards and Windows desktop as well. This works also on Laptops and Ultrabooks. You can now charge your iPad using your laptop with the Asus Ai Charger, if your unit is not charging before.

Just remember when charging your device via a laptop; If your laptop is not connected to an outlet, your laptop’s battery power will be consumed when charging your mobile device using the Asus Ai Charger.

If you want to try this solution, you can download the Asus Ai Charger here.

By the way if you want a dock charger instead, try the Belkin Charge and Sync Dock with 8-Pin Lightning Cable Connector for Apple iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th Generation.



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