Read Bleach 464 Spoilers – Giriko Vs Kenpachi

Bleach Manga 464 English Scans will be available soon. Fullbring Bleach 464 release date expected on Wednesday or Thursday morning

In the last chapter of Bleach Manga, Bleach 463 entitled Extreme Divider, Ginjou shared to his fellow Fullbrings Ichigo’s power, resulting into a huge increase in their Fullbrings. It’s like they got upgraded somehow. Bleach 464 Chapter is expected to be released by Wednesday or Thursday morning.


Now that the rest of Ginjou’s gang got their share of Ichigo’s Fullbring, their power increased exponentially. They started to brag about the new powers that they have, without knowing the full capacity of the Shinigamis.

Ichigo tried to slice them but Yukio’s Invaders Must Die also improved resulting to Digital Radial Invaders. Thus saving their ass’.

I think that Fullbrings might stand a chance and do some damage but just a little. They are facing Vice Captains and Captain class for crying out loud. I wonder what would the Fullbrings do when the Shinigamis unleashed their Bankai on them and crush them into pieces.

It looks like its gonna be Ichigo vs Ginjou, Kenpachi vs Giriko, Ikkaku vs Moe Shishigawara, Toushiro vs Yukio and Tsukishima vs Byakuya. The remaining are Rukia, Jackie Tristan and Riruka. I bet it would be Rukia vs Riruka and Renji vs Jackie.

Kenpachi wants to join the fight inside, unfortunately he did not made it and he was challenged by Giriko showing his awesome power. Unfortunately Kenpachi was not impressed and swiftly sliced the guy into half. That was a cool move from Kenpachi!

Giriko’s fullbring is Time Tells no Lies. And I bet Giriko did not died from Kenpachi’s attack. Looks like this would be the first battle next Bleach Chapter 464.

Bleach Manga 464 will be released by Wednesday or Thursday morning. By then Bleach 464 English scans will be available.

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