Bleach 508: Like a Raging Fire (Released)

Bleach 508 is now available! is up next and Juha is quite in trouble for pissing Captain Commander Yamamoto off. Yamamoto has unleashed its Bankai and as expected from the most powerful and oldest fire type Zanpakutou, it has the most devastating power of all. Will Yamamoto kill Juha this time? Let’s find out in Bleach chapter 508.


Bleach Chapter 508

Bleach chapter 508 is now available. This chapter is entitled “”Like a Raging Fire””. Yamamoto has unleashed Zanka no Tachi South – Kaka Juuman Okushi Daisoujin!!

Image credit: Tite Kubo


Bleach 508 Spoiler

Bleach 508 spoiler will be released one day before the Bleach chapter 508 is released. Sometimes the chapters came in too fast that spoilers are no longer released. In the mean time, let me share to you what are my thoughts and predictions that could possibly happen in Bleach chapter 508. I’m pretty much interested and fascinated at what Yamamoto’s Zanka no Tachi can do.

First of all, Zanka No Tachi’s true form is a scorched sword. Its power is compressed like Ichigo’s bankai. So compressed that it made the Zanpakutou looked like a charcoal-sword. Its heat is so intense that the water in its surrounding is slowly evaporating.

First attack: Zanka no Tachi East – Kyokujitsujin

Cutting an object will only slice it and no fire or something special will happen. But when you are hit with the tip of the sword or its point, then you’re a goner for sure. Just one strike from the tip could vanish its target instantly.

Second attack: Zanka no Tachi West – Zanjitsu Gokui

Zanka no Tachi West or Zanjitsu Gokui literally means Prison Uniform of the Remaining Sun. This basically protects Yamamoto from anything thrown at him. It’s an absolute protection while he attacks using the Kyokujitsujin. The Zanjitsu Gokui is not even comparable to Zenbonzakura’s protection.

Bleach 508 Prediction

With Yamamoto’s Zanka no Tachi West and East, there is a big chance that he could defeat Juha. There is another thing that I am curious about. Since there is an East and West, is there also a Zanka no Tachi North and South? And if there are, what kind of power do they have?

The only thing that bothers me is that Yamamoto came in too strong and fast. I mean, he could easily end it all instantly. Ending Juha right there would mean ending Bleach’s final Arc. Leaving Ichigo trapped in Garganta and did nothing to save his friends.

This made me think that something bad will happen to Yamamoto. It’s either his Bankai will be stolen by the Quincy or Juha will manage to defeat Yamamoto somehow. Juha hasn’t shown his trump card yet. And if that happens, I guess it’s Ichigo’s job to finish him off.

I’ll try to post Bleach 508 spoiler when they come out. But I’ll definitely update this post once Bleach chapter 508 comes out. Stay tuned!



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