Bleach 509: Zanka no Tachi North – Tenchi Kaijin (Review)

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Captain Yamamoto had unleashed the last form of his Zanka no Tachi, the North or Tenchi Kaijin. Tenchi Kaijin literally means Heaven and Earth burned to Ashes. It did not do anything flashy except that its power was so concentrated that it slashed Juha Bach into half. Is this the end of Juha and the end of Vandenreich? Is this also the end of Bleach’s final arc?

So that’s why Juha is afraid of Ichigo, since they do not have enough data about his Bankai, they could not steal his bankai. Same goes with Yamamoto’s Bankai. Since it was 1000 years ago since Yamamoto used his Bankai. Yamamoto’s bankai ends after unleashing its final form, Tenchi Kaijin.

But there are still lots of things unsettled. Juha is still not totally dead. There are still few Vandenriech left. Ichigo is still trap in Garganta. And who was the person who “saved” and pointed his sword to Urahara? I’m not really sure how many chapters left until Bleach ends. Anyway, can’t wait for this final chapter to have an anime series.

Bleach Chapter 509 is up next, Captain Yamamoto is still enraged and he is planning to unleash all his anger and power to Juha. We saw what his East, and West Zanka no Tachi can do. Now it is time for Zanka no Tachi Minami – Kaka Juuman Okushi Daisoujin or literally means “Great Army of the ten million/billion buried by flames. Let’s find out what this third form of Yamamoto’s bankai can do in Bleach chapter 509.


UPDATE: Bleach 509 is now available. This chapter is entitled Tenchi Kaijin aka Zanka no Tachi North, literally means Heaven and Earth burned to Ashes. Juha Bach got hit by Tenchi Kaijin and got his body sliced into half. Is he dead? Did they win? I hope so… Is this the end of the final Arc? I don’t think so…

Image credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist Kasukiii

Bleach 509 Spoiler

I’ll try to find confirmed Bleach 509 spoiler and post them here. Usually it’s released 1 day or 24 hours before the chapter is released. But sometimes the same source doesn’t leak raw scan of Bleach chapter 509 or spoilers. If that happens I’ll post when the chapter is released.

Meanwhile, in the previous chapters we saw what Zanka no Tachi East and West can do. And I was also hoping that there would be a South and North two, and there really was a south, and most probably a north too.

My guess is Zanka no Tachi East (Kyokujitsujin) is the first form of Yamamoto’s bankai, second is the West (Zanjitsu Gokui), third is the South and the final is the north.

I’m just wondering, Yamamoto could have killed Juha with only Zanka no Tachi East and West alone. But, I guess Tite Kubo wants us to witness something really cool before he ends Bleach.

Now Yamamoto has unleashed the third form of his Zanka no Tachi, a.k.a. Kaka Juuman Okushi Daisoujin. Thousands of burning skeleton army emerged from the ground. This is really cool!

Bleach chapter 509 Predictions

With Zanka no Tachi South, Juha might not stand a chance anymore. In fact, even the whole Vandenriech wouldn’t have a chance at all. I’m sure each skeleton army is not that strong and Juha could take it down easily. But if they attack like hordes from the burning pits of hell I don’t think Juha would stand a chance.

I just hope Yamamoto would go all the way in unleashing Zanka no Tachi North as well. If there is, my guess is it would be a concentrated fire attack unleashed from his Zanpakutou, or something like that.

I’m just curious at one thing. If Yamamoto actives one of his Zanka no Tachi form, can he activate it all together or he just switch from one form to another?

Let’s find out more on Bleach 509. I’ll post update once raw scans/spoiler or when Bleach chapter 509 is released. Stay tuned!



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