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Bleach 517: The Stairway to Heaven (Released)

Bleach 517 is now available! just around the corner. The nightmare has ended temporarily and help is on its way. The Squad Zero (or Zero Division) has just arrived on Soul Society, but why are the captains not happy on the arrival of the Zero Division? Are they that scary? Find out in Bleach chapter 517.


UPDATE: Bleach 517 is now available. Bleach chapter 517 is entitled The Stairway to Heaven. You can begin reading this chapter online.

bleach chapter 517Image credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist 1nkor


Bleach 517 Prediction

First, let’s talk about Ichigo’s sword. Yeah, it’s broken, and it was somewhat pathetic that it easily got broken. The problem is Kurotsuchi can no longer fix it or bring it back to its original state since it was destroyed during bankai form. According to him, a Zanpakuto broken in Bankai never returns. Too bad for Ichigo.

But there is still the fact that Ichigo has new hidden powers, Quincy powers. I’m guessing that Ichigo will have a new weapon. Perhaps a hybrid Shinigami-Quincy weapon. Or maybe he will use a Quincy weapon like the Seele Schneider. Those are just the possibilities.

Meanwhile, the Squad Zero (as expected) looks like random shinigamis with different personalities. The other one looks like Kazuma Kuwabara from Yuyu Hakusho. Right now I don’t have an idea what will they do since the battle has ended. Perhaps they will help SS against future attacks from Juha Bach. Or maybe they could help Ichigo with his own problems.

Any idea guys?

Bleach 517 Spoiler

Bleach chapter 517 spoiler will be posted in this area. It should be out by now, but can’t find a confirmed one yet. I’ll update this post once confirmed spoilers are out or when Bleach 517 is released. Stay tuned!



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