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Bleach 520: Killers Not Dead (Released)

Bleach 520 is now available! just around the corner. Ichigo is finally in the palace of the king of souls (Reioukyuu). Ichigo will be rehabilitated, healed and most probably trained and prepare for their counterattack to the Quincy. Will he learn new powers from the Zero Division? Find out in Bleach chapter 520.


UPDATE: Bleach chapter 520 is now available. This chapter is entitled Killers Not Dead. Check out my Bleach 520 Review

bleach chapter 520Image credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist rukichigo


Bleach 520 Prediction

Ichigo’s first stop was in Kirinden’s healing pond together with the other injured shinigamis. So Rukia’s butt looks like a peach huh lolz! Kirinji might not look like it but his definitely skilled when it comes to healing people, even in near death condition.

Most probably Ichigo will visit each of the captains palace to learn something. He will definitely visit Shutara’s palace since his Tensa Zangetsu is with her. Perhaps he will have his training as well, to prepare him for his next battle with the Vandenreich.

We also got a glimpse of the King of Souls during the previous chapter. Surprisingly, he looks like Aizen when he evolved to a higher being. I’m not sure what will be the contribution of the Soul King to Ichigo when they meet. But I hope it will be something that will help him defeat Juha.

There are many things that Tite Kubo hasn’t revealed to us yet. Let’s just see what happens in Bleach 520.

Bleach 520 Spoiler

Bleach 520 spoiler will be posted on this section if ever it will be available. Todate, a spoiler is not yet available. I’ll update this post once Bleach 520 spoiler is available or when Bleach chapter 520 available.



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