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Bleach 522: Love It (Released)

Bleach 522 is now available! up next. Ichigo and Renji has just finished filling their stomach with Kirio Hikifune’s cooking. Not only that they were healed and full, but the food also adds some power-up. By the way, who would have tought that Kirio Hikifune is a totally hot Shinigami?! Next, Ichigo and Renji will meet the creator of Zanpakuto, Ouetsu Nimaiya of the Houou Palace – a sharp man. Hikifune warned both Ichigo and Renji about their next destination. What will Nimaiya do with Ichigo and Renji? Find out in Bleach chapter 522.


UPDATE: Bleach 522 is now available! I though it was going to be on a week break but the chapter was just delayed and released after Christmas. Bleach chapter 522 is entitled Love It!

bleach 522 ouetsu nimaiya zanpakuto creatorImage credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist 1nkor


Bleach 522 Prediction

I’m not really sure if Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu is still with Shutara or not, but their next destination is Outsu Nimaiya’s palace, and it has something to do with their Zanpakuto. In this situation, what does Renji and Ichigo has something in common? Well both of them have a broken Zanpakuto.

Ichigo’s Zanpakuto is sliced and could no longer be used. However, Renji’s Zabimaru can still be used since only some of its blades were broken while in Bankai mode. I’m guessing that, before Ichigo and Renji can begin training (if ever they will be trained by one of the remaining Zero Division captains), they need their Zanpakuto in pristine condition, like good as new. And perhaps the only person who could fix their Zanpakuto is non other than the creator of the Zanpakuto himself – Outsu Nimaiya.

If Ouetsu will be able to help Ichigo with his broken Zanpakuto, perhaps he can also level up Ichigo’s Zanpakuto as well. Perhaps we may see a new form of Ichigo and Renji’s Zanpakuto. But why did Hikifune warned them about Nimaiya? Perhaps he will get mad for messing their Zanpakuto and getting it broken during Bankai mode.

What do you think will Nimaiya do with Ichigo and Renji?

Bleach 522 Spoiler

Bleach 522 spoiler will be posted in this section, if ever a confirmed spoiler will be released 1 day before the chapter is released. I’ll update this post once spoilers are available or when Bleach chapter 522 is released. Stay tuned!

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