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Bleach 532: Everything But The Rain Op.5 (Released)

Bleach 532 is the next chapter in Bleach manga series. I’m not sure if the next chapter will be entitled “Everything But the Rain Op.5“, but I’m guessing that it will be the title of the next chapter. Last episode, Isshin encountered the Black hollow, that looks like a Vasto Lorde, but could also be one of Aizen’s experiment (hollowfication). Isshin was attacked and slashed by Aizen from the back unknowingly. What will happen to Isshin? Please continue reading my Bleach 532 spoiler below.


UPDATE: Bleach chapter 532 was recently released. Aizen appeared by Isshin didn’t saw them. Isshin continues fighting the “White” and Masaki comes to a rescue, finishing Aizen’s experiment.

bleach 532Image credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist Tremblax


Bleach 532 Spoiler / Prediction

Just as I though, Aizen is behind all of this, again, and literally he is behind Isshin. Before Aizen ruined the fight, Isshin tried to attack the Black Hollow that looks like Ichigo’s hollowfied form. The Black Hollow looks like a Vasto Lorde but as Isshin fight it, he was able to sense that it was not totally a Hollow.

According to Isshin, that’s not how a Menos or a Hollow would fight. Probably this is one of Aizen’s hollowfication experiment or an Arrancar-to-be experiment. Isshin was about to release a deadly attack to the Black Hollow when suddenly Aizen appeared from the back and slashed Isshin.

Remember what happens when you are sliced or slashed by Aizen’s Zanpakuto? You loose control of your five senses and Aizen would have total control of your perception. I wonder if Aizen was able to control and manipulate Isshin after he was slashed from the back. Anyway, Ichigo was the only person who did not saw Aizen’s Zanpakuto nor got slashed by it.

So moving on, after Aizen’s appearance, he and the Black Hollow might have escaped or disappeared. Perhaps he wasn’t able to defeat the Black Hollow after all. Or after getting slashed, Aizen might have, somehow, “implanted” the Black Hollow into Isshin. Thus the explanation why Ichigo has the similar powers.

But definitely after the battle, Masaki will appear and rescue Isshin, and that’s the beginning of their love story. Ryouken followed Masaki, but perhaps he did not interfere when he saw Isshin and Masaki together. That’s how things will probably go in the next chapter.

Anyway, if a confirmed Bleach 532 spoiler will come out, or someone will contribute, I’ll post it here. But definitely I’ll post update once Bleach 532 manga chapter is released, and a review will follow after that. Stay tuned!



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