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Bleach Chapter 533: Everything But the Rain Op. 6 (Released)

Bleach Chapter 533 is now available! up next. Last chapter we saw Aizen attacking Isshin from behind using Urahara’s cloak. Isshin was able to notice that it was a Shinigami who attacked him from behind. But his battle with the “White” is still not finished yet. Masaki appears in the scene and started attacking the White. She made herself as a bait so that she will has a closer shot at it. Masaki then releases an arrow directly into its head and bam! Masaki finishes off the White Noise. What will happen next? Find out in Bleach chapter 533.


UPDATE: Bleach 533 is now available. This chapter is entitled, guess what?, “Everything But the Rain Op.6”. Masaki saves Isshin, and then the rain stops, sunshine comes next.

bleach 533Image credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist TempestDH


Bleach Chapter 533 Prediction

Last chapter was awesome. Isshin had a hard time fighting the White Noise, and Aizen just made it worst by slashing him from behind. I’m sure sooner or later Isshin would have defeated the White, specially if he used his Bankai. But he was unable to because of the wound he got from Aizen’s attack.

Fortunately for Isshin, Masaki showed up and rescued him. I think if Masaki didn’t showed up, Isshin would have been a goner. Since the White was too fast for Masaki, she had to make it come closer. Close enough for her to have a good shot. She then sacrifices herself and let the White hollow bite her shoulder or arm, giving her a chance to hit the head of the White hollow from a close range. Then bam! Head shot!

I’m sure Masaki was able to finish off the White. But the what Masaki did also gave us an idea how and where Ichigo got his powers. Since the White Noise is just an experiment, its powers might have been transmitted to Masaki and Isshin’s son, Ichigo. Masaki might have been a carrier of the White’s power or reiatsu, and was later transmitted to Ichigo.

Now we know where did Ichigo’s power came from. Basically Ichigo is half shinigami/hollow experiment and half Quincy. But we still don’t know what is Ichigo’s relationship with Juha Bach or Masaki’s relationship with Juha. Perhaps that will be revealed in future chapters.

In the next chapter, Aizen and his gang left the scene after seeing what happened to their White experiment, dead. I’m not sure if Aizen have an idea about Ichigo but probably not yet at that time.

Bleach Chapter 533 Spoiler

Bleach 533 spoiler will be posted in this section if ever I spot a confirmed Bleach chapter 533 spoiler. But if you found one, just hit the comment section below and share it.

I’ll update this post once a confirmed spoiler is spotted/shared, and when Bleach 533 manga chapter is released. Stay tuned!



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