Read Bleach Chapter 475 Spoilers – Ichigo’s New Bankai VS Ginjou!

Bleach Chapter 475: Spoilers – Bleach Manga 475 – Ichigo went Bankai Mode!

Bleach Chapter 475 is the next Bleach Manga Chapter. In the next chapter we will be seeing Ichigo’s Bankai in his newly gotten powers. Of course, since we already observed some changes in the way Ichigo looks, that would mean Ichigo would have a new look in Bankai form too.


As revealed by Ginjou in the last chapter of Bleach Manga series, it seems that the Shinigami badge holds a secret and Ichigo is not even aware of it.

Urahara rushed in to the battle field, perhaps to talk to Ichigo about the “”truth”” but he’s guessing that he’ll eventually find out in an a shocking way.

Ginjou revealed that the badge is actually a Substitute Shinigami Combat Approval License. But it has another secret function to it. Ginjou revealed that the Shinigami Badge was actually a tracking device, something like a spy device, and the true purpose is to observe and restrict Ichigo, and most probably Ginjou too before.

Ginjou pointed out the it was Ukita Jushirou, the Captain of the 13th division, who was behind all this. And everyone in Soul Society knows this except Ichigo.

Perhaps there are some truth to what Ginjou had said or most probably he twisted it somehow. We’ll soon find out the real truth about this story from Urahara himself.

I guess, if not all, part of what Ginjou said was true. And perhaps he’s been using that to make Ichigo turn against Soul Society or probably he’s intention is to anger Ichigo and force him to show his Bankai.

Bleach 475 English scans will be available soon, once Bleach chapter 475 raw images are translated. Do support Naruto and Bleach Manga by buying the original chapters.



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