Bleach 480 now available: Read Bleach Chapter 480

Bleach Chapter 480 is now available after 3 weeks of vacation. The wait has not been put in vain since Bleach manga 480 have colored pages, well just in the beginning part. Not only that, it has 22 pages all in all!


Bleach Chapter 480 is entitled “”The End Approaches – The Final Holy War“”! Bleach 480 charges into its final arc! This could be the beginning of a final chapter or saga in Bleach.

I’m just curious, who are these characters that Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi is referring to? They are capable of removing the Hollows from their very existence. But hollows are appearing in Kurakara town at an increasing rate.

This sounds good! Finally we get to see Ichigo’s new power and it’s potential, unlike with Ginjo it was just a teaser. This time it’s for real. Serious enemies at last, powerful than Hollows and probably Aizen.

You can now read Bleach Chapter 480 in popular manga sites like onemanga, mangareader, mangastream and etc.



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