Bleach Chapter 490 – March of the Star Cross 2

Bleach chapter 490 is the next chapter in the final arc of Bleach Manga. It’s confirmed, their main enemy are the ancient Quincies seeking revenge against the Soul Society. And Genryusai Yamamoto is the one to blame for all of this after failing to eliminate the leader of the Vandenreich.


UPDATE: Bleach 490 is now available. It is the continuation of the last chapter, and is entitled March of the Star Cross 2.

The Soul Society is currently on a heightened alert. Everyone is still looking for answers to know the enemy more, but the Captain Commander and Mayuri Kurotsuchi already knew who the real enemy is.

According to Mayuri, it was the Captain Commander’s fault why this war started in the first place for not killing “”him””. Who is the leader of Vandenreich? Let’s just hope more will be revealed in Bleach 490.

Meanwhile, Ichigo is now facing the Quencies a.k.a Vandenreich. Little that they know it was all just a setup to lure Ichigo out of Soul Society and trap him in Hueco Mundo so that the real enemy could march into Soul Society with as little resistance as possible.

Bleach Chapter 490 was delayed this week, together with Naruto 584. Perhaps it will be available by the first week of May or earlier.



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