Bleach Chapter 491: Toden Engel

Bleach Chapter 491 is up next and Soul Society is about to be destroyed by the Vandenreich. Bleach 491 is still not out yet, I wonder if they are delayed or on break this week again. Last week was delayed for I think 2 or 3 days. Even Bleach chapter 491 spoiler is not yet available.


UPDATE: Bleach Chapter 491 now available. Bleach 491 is entitled Toden Engel

Anyway last episode Ichigo was facing the Quincy leader, more like a German Nazi to me. According to the Quincy leader, Kirgie Opie, Ishida’s Helig Pfeil was supposed to be stronger than his. Perhaps Ishida was suppressing it the whole time or he was hiding his true powers.

Kirgie Opie unleashed the Quincy Letzt Stil, it’s like Bankai for the Shinigamis. His true form the Quincy Vollstandig. Letzt Stil in Japanese its Kuinshi Retsutoshutiru or “”destruction sage: final form Quincy“”. The German word literally means “”last style“”. Ishida used it before on Kurotsuchi’s Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo and he lost his Quincy powers after using it. By the way, why the heck did he used Letzt Stil if his going to loose all his powers after. Perhaps he knows that he doesn’t stand a chance against Ichigo and he is just buying time for the Vandereich and their King to infiltrate and annihilate Soul Society.

Bleach Chapter 491 is not yet released. Hopefully it will be released anytime from now. I’m still searching for Bleach 491 spoiler. Can’t seem to find one.



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