Bleach Chapter 493: Light of Happiness

Bleach Chapter 493 is up next and the fighting scenes are getting hotter and hotter. Bleach 493 Spoiler is not yet available but I’ll try to post it once it is released. Meanwhile, we expect things will get messier in Bleach 493.


UPDATE: Bleach Chapter 493 is now available. It is entitled Light of Happiness.

During the last chapter, Ayon, the combination of the three lady Arrancars, was summoned to fight Kirgie Opie. Kirgie Opie unleashed his Vollstandig which he claims to be more powerful than Ishida’s Letzt Stil.

At first, they thought that Ayon had beaten up Kirgie for good. Kirgie’s body was smashed and beaten up badly but he was able to quickly recover and was able to strike one of the three Arrancars.

It seems that this Kirgie Opie is not your ordinary Quincy with ordinary powers. In fact he was able to withstand Ayon’s merciless blows. And now, Kirgie is planning to wipe them all immediately.

Kirgie plans to inform their Quincy King, who is most probably near at Soul Society by now. Kirgie will definitely unleash a one big finishing attack. And perhaps Ayon will sacrifice himself to save them all. Or Ichigo might counter it with his Getsuga Tenshou or something.

Anyway, let’s find out in Bleach 493 when it is released by Wednesday or Thursday. Bleach chapter 493 spoiler will come out probably by Tuesday or Wednesday. But sometimes it’s best to wait for the whole chapter itself.



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