Bleach Chapter 500: Rescuer in the Deep Dark

Bleach chapter 500 is up next and things are getting hotter as the arc is nearing its final chapters. Ichigo was trapped inside a cage that was sealed and could not get out. Is Soul Society’s only hope lost? Bleach 500 spoiler or raw scans will come out most probably 24 hours before Bleach 500 will be released. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Bleach 500 is now avialable. This chapter is entitled Rescuer in the Deep Dark.

The situation in Soul Society is getting worst. Shinigamis are being annihilated at an increasing rate. Even the Captain and Vice Captain could not fight with the Quincy without their Bankai.

But Ichigo’s Bankai could not be stolen and sealed by the Quincy. Could this be related somehow when Ichigo merged with Zangetsu and unleashed Mugetsu or the Final Getsuga Tenshou? Perhaps because of Ichigo’s unification and new powers, it could not be easily stolen or sealed. That’s just my theory though.

Ichigo was Soul Society’s only hope but the general Quincy, forgot his name again, was still alive and sealed Ichigo in a cage and was blocked from SS and Hueco Mundo.

I think it’s up to Urahara to save Ichigo. Or perhaps Ichigo will break free from the prison himself. This is really getting exciting and I hope to watch this in anime version soon!

Once again, Bleach Chapter 500 will be released by Wednesday night or Thursday morning and Bleach 500 spoilers or raw scans might be released 24 hours before the chapter is released. I will update this post soon, so stay tuned!



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