Bleach Chapter 504: Before the Shadows

Bleach Chapter 504 is up next and events are really happening fast. A major character has died, and probably more known characters will die too since this is the final arc after all. Ichigo is still trapped in Hueco Mundo and things are getting worst in Soul Society. Bleach 504 will be released next week. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Bleach chapter 504 is now available. This chapter is entitled Before the Shadows. You can now begin reading this chapter online.

During the previous chapter, Zeraki Kenpachi was able to defeat three Quincys. The Quincys naming are a bit strange, they use letters as their code names. Zeraki was aiming for their King but I’m sure their king would probably dodge it or counter Zeraki’s attack.

Since the author decided to kill Byakuya, I could not help think that Zeraki is next since his dealing with their King. I don’t think it’s Zeraki’s role to defeat their King. For now Kenpachi was one of Soul Society’s hope since he has no Bankai to steal in the first place.

I am hoping that Ichigo would escape Hueco Mundo soon. We still do not know who was the Shinigami/Arrancar who appeared before Urahara. Most probably, he is the one who will help Ichigo escape.

Last chapter we also saw Captain Yamamoto jumped into battle. But I doubt the Quincy O stands a chance against the Captian Commander. O plans to use the Bankai he stole to fight the Captain. But I don’t think his plan will work. If Zeraki was able to defeat 3 Quincy without a Bankai, how much more a captain commander.

Let’s find out next week. Bleach chapter 504 will probably be released this August 20-21 since the previous chapter was recently released due to the delays. I’ll update this post once Bleach chapter 504 spoiler is available or when the chapter itself is released. Stay tuned!



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