Bleach Chapter 506: The Fire 2 (Released)

Bleach chapter 506 is up next and finally, we will be seeing some serious action between Captain Commander Yamamoto and the Vandenreich’s King, Juha Bach. Captain Yamamoto is very furious and enraged at what had happened to Soul Society and his Captains. He was left with no choice but to join the battle field. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Bleach 506 is now available. This chapter is entitled “”The Fire 2″”. It is a continuation of the previous chapter. You can now begin reading this chapter online.

Image credits: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist Simodluffy

Captain Commander Yamamoto was so enraged that he burned the Quincy to ashes with just one hit. And then immediately rushed to were Juha Bach was to eliminate him. Wait a minute, my guess was right, Kenpachi went head on with Juha and is no match for him. Did Kenpachi just died? Oh no! He just died without knowing his Zanpakuto’s name….

Also little by little, information about the Quincy’s King was revealed. His name is Juha Bach. Captain Yamamoto failed to defeat/destroy him 1000 years ago according to Mayuri. As a result, the Soul Society is in their worst situation right now.

I think this guy is German, and I wonder how is he related to the musician Johann Sebastian Bach? ^_^

Bleach chapter 506 Spoiler and prediction

I do not have the spoiler right now, but I’ll try to update this once it’s available. Meanwhile here are my predictions about the next chapter:

1. Kenpachi did not die, Yamamoto came just in time to stop Juha from finishing Kenpachi
2. Yamamoto will fight Juha head on, and there are only two results on this battle.
3. It’s either Yamamoto defeats Juha Bach, wins and it’s the end of story, or
4. Yamamoto loses (or worst dies), Juha continues to destroy Soul Society but Ichigo comes to the rescue.
5. Ichigo fights the Quincy or even Juha, he wins, saves soul society, and end of story.

I wonder how many chapters left before this final arc will end. Ichigo is still stuck in Gargata and things are progressing fast. What will Ichigo’s role be?

Let’s just find out in the succeeding chapters. Like I said, I’ll try to post Bleach 506 spoiler. But definitely I’ll update this post once Bleach chapter 506 is released. Stay tuned!



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