Bleach Chapter 512: Everything But The Rain (Released)

Bleach chapter 512 is now available up next. The previous chapter was a shocking, at the same time sad chapter. Captain Yamamoto was sliced into half by the real Juha Bach. I couldn’t believe it at all. It’s also the first time I saw a shinigami, literally, sliced in half. I mean its normal in Claymore, but in Bleach, no. Juha was victorious during that round. He also got Yamamoto’s bankai. But an explosion happened before the chapter ended. What could it be? Find out in Bleach 512.


UPDATE: Bleach 512 is now available. This chapter is entitled Everything But the Rain. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online. So it was Ichigo who came after all. And what a surprise Byakuya is sitll alive! But nearing his death. Ichigo first visited Byakuya first. Who was Ichigo’s savior? What the?! Everything happened in a flash! The chapter ended so suddenly -_-

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Before I proceed let me just want to say that I enjoy Bleach manga, including the anime series. I do not claim that I know all about Bleach. I’m not Kubo. But I enjoy making articles likes this so that I can reach out to other Bleach fans out there who also loves to discuss things about what is happening in the final arc. So if you know stuffs that we don’t know, please do share your thought below.

Bleach Chapter 512 Prediction

Moving on, I moved the spoiler portion below since there are readers who don’t want to get spoiled. During the previous chapter Juha executed Yamamoto mercilessly. He cut him into half, chop of his arm and then vaporized him. Two popular characters are already out, first Byakuya, now Yamamoto, who’s going to be next?

Before the previous chapter ended an explosion happened in the sky. I laughed at Juha’s reaction. As if he was scared of something. It was an unexpected explosion for him. I know a lot of you are guessing that it’s Ichigo. And some of you might think that he brought his rescuer with him.

If Ichigo was able to escape Garganta, then it must be him. I’m just wondering, if Juha is that powerful, why is he afraid of Ichigo? I mean his really strong, plus he got Yamamoto’s bankai. A lot of us are also thinking that Grimmjow is Ichigo’s savior, others think it’s Halibel.

Either way, the important thing is that Ichigo was able to escape the trap. But even if he did escape, I don’t think Ichigo is that powerful enough right now to defeat Juha. I think he needs to level up first before facing the final boss. Lastly, I was also thinking that Aizen could have caused that explosion. Juha might not have finished Aizen, instead Aizen was able to escape his prison.

Bleach 512 Spoiler

Bleach chapter 512 spoiler will be placed in this section, if ever a confirmed Bleach 512 spoiler or raw scan will come out.

I’ll update this post once new updates are available for this chapter or when Bleach chapter 512 is released. Stay tuned!



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