Bleach 513: The Dark Moon Stroke (Released)

Bleach 513 is now available up next. Ichigo has finally escaped and was able to enter Soul Society. But Ichigo looks different. He looks worn out, as if he came from a battle before arriving in Soul Society. We can also notice the increase in his reatsu pressure. What happened to Ichigo? Find out in Bleach 513.

UPDATE 3: Read my review here: Bleach Chapter 513 Review
UPDATE 2: Ichigo has Shinigami powers, then he discovers his Hollow powers, that make him a Vizard. Now In this chapter Ichigo used Blut Vene, a strong offense/defense power from a Quincy. Does this makes ichigo Human x Shinigami x Hollow x Quincy?! His a combination of the four races? WE don’t know for sure if Ichigo’s Blut Vene is temporary or permanent or he just inherited it from someone. I guess his savior was a Quincy after all, and not hollow or shinigami. Could it be Ishida then?
UPDATE: Bleach chapter 513 is now available. This chapter is entitled The Dark Moon Stroke. Sound like a new move for Ichigo. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online.

Image Credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist Inira

[alert type=””yellow””]Author’s Note: Before I proceed let me just want to say that I enjoy Bleach manga, including the anime series. I do not claim that I know all about Bleach. I’m not Kubo. But I enjoy making articles likes this “”Bleach 513 Spoiler and Prediction”” so that I can reach out to other Bleach fans out there who also loves to discuss things about what is happening in the final arc. So if you know stuffs that we don’t know, please do share your thought below.[/alert]

Bleach Chapter 513 Prediction

Ichigo finally escaped Garganta and was able to arrive in Soul Society. But Ichigo looks beaten up. As if he fought his way going to SS. Good news for Byakuya’s fans, he is still alive and if somebody would come to his aid, he might still have a chance to survive. So basically it was Yamamoto who died first from the main characters.

Now the question is, who was Ichigo’s savior and why was he beaten up? My guess is he went through another “”training”” in preparation for his fight with Juha Bach. Perhaps Grimmjow was the one who saved him and thought Ichigo a lesson or two before heading to SS. But I’m somewhat disappointed with some facts. First Ichigo got his shinigami powers back without any efforts. It was just handed down on him. Now, he suddenly levels up in such a short span of time, that could match the power of Juha himself. It seems that he is even more powerful than all the Captains in Soul Society. It’s just too cheesy for Ichigo. But I think Kubo is rushing things up to finish this final Arc. Most probably another flash back will happen in the next chapter before the final battle of Ichigo vs Juha.

Well, what do you think guys? What are your insights or thought about what happened to Ichigo?

Bleach 513 Spoiler

Bleach chapter 513 spoiler will be placed in this section, if ever a confirmed Bleach 513 spoiler or raw scan will come out.

I’ll update this post once new updates are available for this chapter or when Bleach chapter 513 is released. Stay tuned!



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