Bleach Chapter 514: Born in the Darkness (Released)

Bleach chapter 514 is now available! up next and in this chapter we will discover some shocking revelations about Ichigo. I’m not sure if Ichigo is a multiracial being, but he’s really “”talented”” in a sense that he could harness every type power that is known in Bleach. We’ll find out more about Ichigo’s Blut Vene in Bleach 514.


UPDATE 2: Check out my Bleach Chapter 514 Review
UPDATE: Bleach 514 is now avialable. This chapter is entitled Born in the Darkness. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online. Just as we thought. Ichigo’s mother is a Quincy!!!

Image creadit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist rechever3


Bleach 514 Prediction

During the last episode, we saw, the worn out and badly beaten, Ichigo tried to fight Juha Bach. He unleashed Getsuga Tenshou but it was easily avoided by Juha. Juha made a counter attack and pinned Ichigo down to the ground. He stabbed Ichigo’s neck but somehow Ichigo survived. Juha then decides to capture Ichigo and turn him into their ally. But Ichigo, surprisingly unleashed Blut Vene, that’s why he survived Juha’s attack.

Now lots of Bleach fans were really annoyed by this. Ichigo having Quincy powers sounds cheesy. It’s like cheating already. If this was an RPG game, Ichigo’s character was hacked already to make him stronger in a short period of time.

My Bleach chapter 514 prediction will be about Ichigo having Blut Vene powers. There are very few known Quincy who were able to use Blut Vene. Ichigo is not a Quincy but he was able to deliver one. How is the big question. Below are my thoughts about this:

1. Ichigo could have been a hybrid multiracial being. His father, being a Shinigami, and perhaps her mother was a Quincy.

2. Another one is that perhaps, Ishida or some Quincy was kind enough to give Ichigo Quincy powers to help him fight Juha.

Whichever the theories are, Ichigo could not have done it by himself. He must have gotten some help for him to have Blut Vene.

Can Ichigo defeat Juha now that he has Blut Vene / Quincy Powers? At Ichigo’s current state, I don’t think so. Bleach final Arc will not end so soon. I think Juha is way too powerful for Ichigo right now and they need to think a good strategy to defeat those rebellious Quincys.

What do you think guys?

Bleach Chapter 514 Spoiler

Bleach 514 spoiler will be posted in this section soon, when confirmed Bleach 514 spoiler or raw scans are leaked. But currently, there is none.

I’ll updated this post once new updates comes out, or when Bleach chapter 514 is out. Stay tuned!



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