Bleach Chapter 515: Relics (released)

Bleach Chapter 515 is now available. —– During the last chapter, we discovered something shocking about Ichigo, in which most of us never imagined that it would be possible. Ichigo was able to use Blut Vene, one of the most powerful attack/defense of a Quincy. Juha also mentioned about his roots and his mother. But the most shocking part is that Juha called Ichigo “”son””. Is Juha his father, or her mother’s father? How is Juha related to Ichigo? Let’s find out in Bleach chapter 515.


UPDATE2: See Bleach Chapter 516
UPDATE: Bleach chapter 515 is now available. This chapter is entitled Relics. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online

Image credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist the103orjagrat

Bleach Chapter 515 Prediction

So it’s confirmed. Ichigo is not only a human with intense reatsu, also a substitute shinigami, and a Vizard (Shinigami with Hollow inside), and now his ultimately a Quincy. I guess his father was really Isshin (a Shinigami) and his mother was a Quincy (Masaki Kurusaki).

I find it odd, rather impossible that Juha Bach would be Ichigo’s father. He is way to old for Masaki, and besides, if Quincys are human, how come Juha is more than a thousand years old?

I think that Juha is Masaki’s father, or perhaps a colleague. We are still not sure what Juha meant when he called Ichigo “”son””. He might mean that Ichigo is his biological offspring, or he just called Ichigo “”son”” because they are both Quincy, and Juha might be related to Ichigo.

I’m sure Juha and Masaki knew each other (or Juha knew Masaki only). Otherwise, Juha wouldn’t have information about Ichigo’s mother. Another thing that is bugging me, Juha knew that Ichigo was a Quincy from the very beginning. He knew Ichigo’s mother. So that means they didn’t isolate Ichigo because they were afraid of him, or they do not know the limits of his power. Juha intentionally isolate him because he knew he was Quincy. And he was hoping that sooner or later Ichigo would join Juha.

Another theory about Masaki, Ichigo’s mother, is that she was not attack by a hollow during that time when she died, just because the hollow wanted to attack/eat her. Instead, Ichigo’s mother was actually going to fight and finish off that hollow as a Quincy. To bad for Masaki that the hollow was much powerful for her to handle.

Things are really messed up for Ichigo, and I think there is only one person who could explain this all to Ichigo, and that’s his father, Isshin!

Bleach Chapter 515 Spoiler

Spoiler: After the revelation that Ichigo is also a Quincy, we might find out that Ichigo is gay! WTF! Just kidding. Bleach 515 spoiler is not yet available. It will be posted here once it is available.

I’ll update this post once Bleach chapter 515 is released or spoilers became available. Stay tuned!



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