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Bleach Chapter 535: Everything but the Rain Op.8 (Released)

Bleach chapter 535 is now available! just around the corner. Probably the next chapter will be entitled “Everything But the Rain Op.8“. Well this has been an overused title, and I guess it will only end once Isshin has completely finished his story. Masaki was bitten by Aizen’s experiment, and unexpectedly a hole appeared in her chest. Looks like Masaki is turning into a hollow – a Quincy Hollow. But Urahara steps in to save the day. What could be Urahara’s solution to save Masaki? Find out in Bleach chapter 535.


UPDATE: Bleach 535 is now available. As usual, the chapter is entitled “Everything but the Rain Op.8”. In this chapter, Urahara tries to save Masaki.
UPDATE: Who is Ichigo’s real father?
Just an addition to my theory below. Since Isshin said that he isn’t a human or a shinigami, perhaps Ichigo really is a full blooded Quincy. Ichigo’s real father could no other than be Ruuken and his mother is Masaki. But they had to hide the truth so that the Ishida’s bloodline would not be tarnished. If so, Ichigo and Urya are brothers?! What a shock, they don’t resemble any similarities at all. Anyway, that’s just a theory and I might be wrong about it. Urahara what have you done?!

bleach chapter 535Image credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist DEOHVI

Bleach chapter 535 Spoiler / Prediction

This is truly a unexpected turning of event. We all thought that Ichigo got his powers because his father is Isshin and his mother is Masaki, a Shinigami and a Quincy. But the truth is there are more things behind this that we do not know yet. But Urahara knows everything from the beginning, he just kept quiet about it.

The hollow experiment by Aizen, codenamed “White“, bit Masaki. Unfortunately, something happened to Masaki after that. A hole started to appear in Masaki’s chest, somehow the hollow found its way to Masaki’s body. Perhaps it was trying to take over Masaki’s body or it was trying to turn her into a hollow.

Ryuuken didn’t know what to do, and most probably Isshin as well. Fortunately Urahara knows what is happening and what to do. I think Urahara gave both of them a decision or a choice as to who will bear the burden.

Perhaps, in order to save Masaki they need to pass down the hollow that was inside Masaki. Thus it was pass down to their offspring, Ichigo. This explains why Ichigo has hollow powers and a form similar to the Vasto Lorde. This also explains why Ichigo has Quincy powers since he came from Masaki.

Perhaps Ryuuken let Isshin do this because he has to protect their Quincy bloodline and it must not be stained. That’s why Masaki ended with Isshin instead. So does this means Ichigo is Urahara’s doing? Could it be that Ichigo is an experiment of Urahara or something like a test tube baby lab experiment? Let’s just find out in the next chapter Bleach 535.

I’ll post a confirmed Bleach 535 spoiler once it becomes available. If there is non, I’ll update this post once Bleach chapter 535 becomes available. Stay tuned!



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