Bleach 460 English Scans are out! Read Bleach Manga Chapter 460

Bleach 460 English is finally released. See Ichigo’s new power!

Bleach 460 Manga chapter is entitled Deathberry Returns 2. In the last Bleach episode Rukia stabbed Ichigo with a Zanpakuto-like figure.

Ichigo taught that his dad was the one who stabbed him, but it was Rukia. This time Rukia did not used her Zanpakuto to stabbed Ichigo. He used another sword as seen below. A whitish spirit like Zanpakuto.

Now Ichigo finally got his Shinigami powers back. A new and more powerful Ichigo appeared in Bleach Chapter 460. His Zangetsu looks different. His kimono looks different too.

Finally Ichigo unleashed a powerful Getsuga Tenshou with an enormous reiatsu.

Bleach 460 English scans are out. You can read Bleach Chapter 460 English scans now in popular manga sites like Mangastream, Mangareader or Mangafox.

Bleach Manga is written by Tite Kubo and is one of the best selling manga in the US. Bleach Manga have sold more than 60 million copies already in Japan.

Bleach Manga is licensed by Viz Media for North American production. Please support Bleach Manga by buying the official volumes when they are available in your area.



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