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Fairy Tail 289: A Small Fist

Fairy Tail 289 is up next! Fairy Tail chapter 289 is the continuation of the previous chapter where Wendy is fighting Shelia, a Sky god Slayer! Fairy Tail 289 spoiler will most probably be released 24 hours before the chapter is released. In this case, that would be on Friday. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Fairy Tail 289 is now available! SPOILERS: It’s a draw! And Mystogan is not really Jelal from the Edolas?! You can start reading this chapter on popular manga sites.

Both Shelia and Wendy have the same power type, Wind. Wendy is Sky Dragon’s, while Shelia is Sky god’s. Wendy and Shelia exchanged attacks one after another. Later, on the previous chapter, we found out the Shelia is actually a Sky God Slayer. I’m not sure if “God Slayers” are more powerful than “Dragon Slayer”. But during the previous chapter Shelia showed Wendy how powerful she is.

After Wendy ate some wind, she unleashed a powerful technique known as Secret Dragon Technique – Shredding Wedding – Piercing Winds. Shelia was trapped and was badly hurt. Wendy used up all her powers and is very exhausted. Just when they thought Wendy is the winner, Shelia suddenly stood up as if nothing happened!

Shelia was ready for another round. All her wounds were healed. It looks like Shelia also has healing powers but her is at a different level. It’s like instant regeneration. Mystogan quickly went to the stadium to watch Wendy. It seems that Mystogan felt a power similar to Zeref from Shelia. He knows that Wendy is in trouble.

My Fairy Tail 289 prediction:
At this rate, Wendy will surely be defeated by Shelia. Wendy is almost out of power, or she’s really out of power. And it looks like she can’t fight back anymore. Shelia attacks Wendy, and she looses this fight.

The only chance for Wendy to win this fight is a miracle. Like she suddenly awakens the power of the Sky Dragon Slayer sleeping deep within her.

Fairy Tail 289 will be released by Saturday and Fairy Tail chapter 289 spoiler or raw scans will most probably be released by Friday. I will updated this post. Stay tuned!



3 responses to “Fairy Tail 289: A Small Fist”

  1. Troll_Ignore_mode:on Avatar

    Natsu could absorb Zancrow (Fire God Slayer) only after he null his own flame. Obiously if wendy wins something like this should happen.

  2. wendy could win if she eats the black wind and uses it for attacking……….

  3. I think wendy will do the same as what natsu did vs zancrow and remove her own magic powers to absorb the god slayer magic.

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