Fairy Tail 290 – The Night That Our Feelings Cross

Fairy Tail 290 is up next, and Doranbolt caught “Mystogan” following him. Doranbolt knows his not the “original” Mystogan, Jellal from Edolas. But he doesn’t know who this Mystogan is. Fairy Tail chapter 290 spoiler is not yet available. Usually it will be released 24 hours before Fairy Tail chapter 290 is released. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Fairy Tail 290 is now available. This chapter is entitled The Night That Our Feelings Cross. You can Now read Fairy Tail 290 on popular manga sites.

Wendy fought Chelia hard, she knows she is at disadvantage, so she “healed” Chelia so that she would miscalculate her trajectory when she released her magic attacks. After a fierce exchange of blows, both of them fell, and the fight ended with a draw.

Mystogan was closely watching the fight since he felt Zeref’s power. He taught Chelia was emitting it, but it was not. Doranbolt was at the scene and noticed Mystogan. Mystogan realized that it was not coming from Chelia and noticed that it came from another person from the background.

Mystogan tried to follow him but Doranbolt stopped and confronted Mystogan. While other members of the council also arrived at the scene. Erza seemed to felt that something strange is happening.

Doranbolt knew his not the Mystogan, or Jellal from Edolas. I’m not really sure if he’s Jellal from Earthland. I wasn’t able to follow the whole Fairy Tail manga series. I’m following the recent chapter and the anime series. And I still do not know what happened to Jellal after being captured by the council.

Fairy Tail 290 will be released by Saturday and most probably Fairy Tail 290 spoiler or raw scans will be released by Friday. So stay tuned, I’ll update this post soon.



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  1. Patrick morelos Avatar
    Patrick morelos

    jellal escaped from prison, because of ultear and meldy. they helped jellal escaped. but not for a bad reason but to destroy zeref once and for all

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