Fairy Tail 293 – The Perfume Dedicate To You

Fairy Tail Chapter 293 – Blue Pegasus vs Quattro Puppy

Fairy Tail 293 is up next, I guess the best battle is saved for the last. Fairy Tail has formed the strongest team composed of Natsu, Erza, Grey, Gajeel and Laxus. Watch out Sabertooth, you won’t be smiling soon. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Fairy Tail 293 is now available. This chapter is entitled The Perfume Dedicated to You. You can now read this chapter on popular manga sites online.

The next chapter will be a tag team match. First team to fight is the Blue Pegasus vs Quattro Puppy. The title of the Fairy Tail chapter 293 gives us an idea that Ichiya will be fighting Quattro Puppy. Although I do not have an idea who will be with Ichiya and who will they be fighting with.

Well it looks like the final battle in this tournament will be Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue; Grey vs Rufus, Erza vs Minerva, and Laxus vs Orga. I hope the Fairy Tail will beat Sabertooth to pulp before something happens that could mess up the tournament.

Image courtesy: Deviant Artist belucEn

It seems that the enemy needs the Celestial Wizard or Lucy for their plans. What is Lucy’s connection with the Dragon King Festival, and what is the connection of this festival to the disappearance of the Dragons in the year 777? Perhaps Lucy’s mother, who is also a celestial wizard was somehow involve or connected with the disappearance of the Dragons and The One Magic (Ichinaru Mahō). Layla Heartfilia also died on the same year, 777. Perhaps she was also used the by enemies who were serving Zeref during those times.

“A Banquet of Dragons, People and Demons”, I guess the Dragons refers to the lost Dragons, People the magicians/wizards like the Fairy Tail and Demons could refer to Zeref and his minions.

The succeeding Fairy Tail chapters are getting more and more interesting. Can’t wait for Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth to happen. Fairy Tail 293 will most probably be released by Saturday (Eastern Time) or Friday (Western Time). I’ll update this post if Fairy Tail 293 spoiler or raw scans is available and when the chapter is released. Stay tuned!



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